How To Return To Work After Maternity Leave (LIKE A PRO!)

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Whether you work in or out of the home, transitioning back to #workingmomlife is known to be a little challenging (and emotional) for most Mommas! My personal experience with returning to work after having a child was two-fold because I worked (and still do!)  both in the home (running Blossoming Mommy and Baby) and out of the home (as an occupational therapist). 

Through trial and error, I  got a feel for what both of these working environments required of me in order to make the transition as smooth and as simple as possible; and know that you can make the transition too, Momma! 

Here’s the thing, friend, I want you to THRIVE as a working mom. 

You may be experiencing built-up emotions with your transition back (feelings of fear, anxiety, or guilt about not wanting to leave your baby) and I want to reassure your heart that it’s normal to have those feelings. I hope this 4-step checklist will help you gain more control over your emotions and will make the transition from maternity leave to work as effortless and enjoyable as can be! You don’t have to choose between being “successful” either at home or at work, you CAN be successful at both! 

Simplify The Basics 

First things first, you’ve got to get all the details organized! This can be one of the most daunting tasks because it does require a lot of small details, but when you can nail down the specifics, you’ll be releasing the burden of overwhelm and chaos in your life! Here’s the must do’s for your return: 

Childcare: Shop around! Whether it’s daycare, preschool, a good nanny, or family, do your due diligence and find the absolute best care for your child/ren.

Meals: Keep meal planning simple. Over the years I’ve learned the easiest strategy for busy moms is to plan out one dinner a week (for seven days), plan 2-3 breakfast ideas, 2-3 healthy snacks, and if you’re feeling adventurous, create smoothie packs for the week! This will take you about 1 hour over the weekend, so PLAN FOR IT and STAY COMMITTED!! Having a healthy game-plan for dinners is one of the biggest stressors for Moms. You can do this! 

Coordinate Schedules: Talk with your husband and children and get all appointments on the schedule for the week ahead! Prune out extra activities that add clutter to your week. (Bonus tip: use a planner and the reminders app on your phone!) 

Communicate with your Employer: Know your rights when returning to work. When will you return? Will you work full time? Where and when will you pump? Can you work a few hours from home? Knowing and asking these questions in advance will be super helpful! 

Routine: Create and simplify your new work-life routine. Use time blocking to structure out your day and stick to your schedule as best as possible. 

Prioritize Your Health 

You cannot serve your children, home, husband, or workplace well if you are neglecting your health. Don’t wait until you have a breaking point or health crisis to start caring for yourself. Be PROACTIVE, Momma! Make sure you’re prioritizing your sleep, caring for your mental and emotional wellbeing, nourishing your body with high-quality nutrition, and taking time for fitness and movement every day. When you tap into each of these pillars of your wellbeing, you will feel your best and abundantly thrive both in the home and workplace! (Need extra help here? See which BMAB program is best for you here!)

Make Time Count 

Be proficient with your time! When you’re at work, work hard. When you’re home, be fully present and engaged with your family. It’s easy to merge both work and home life and at times, you will have to do both. But, friend! What if you could be more intentional with your thoughts and actions? What if you could be more disciplined with turning “on and off” your mind? Wherever you’re at ~ at any given moment in your day, be there and be fully committed. 

Give Yourself Grace! 

It doesn’t matter if this is your 1st or 5th child, returning to work will always require a little time to adjust. This transition period is new so take advantage of the opportunity to grow, to learn new skills, and to become a new and improved version of you! You’re going to have hard days and that’s okay. When you do, find your support system, snuggle a little longer, and know that you when you are leading from a place of intention and passion, you are leaving a positive and powerful impact on your children! 

So remember Momma, simplify the basics, prioritize your health, make that precious time count, and give yourself ALL the extra grace and time you need! 

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XOXO, Jen 

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Did you know you’re strong, resilient and READY for #workingmomlife?

Any transition after baby can be hard, especially a transition that involves more responsibility and perhaps time away from you child.

I’m here to teach, support, and encourage you through the transitions to come!