Preschool Must-Haves {Feat. The Preschool Box!}

FTC Disclaimer: The post is sponsored by The Preschool Box. All opinions are my own. Compensation and product were received. 


Hey there, Mommas! 

Can you believe it’s already time for all things back to school?! Even as an adult, I always feel so refreshed and routine minded when a new school year approaches. 

Speaking of a new school year… the Occupational Therapist in me is SO excited to introduce you to The Preschool Box! You ladies have been asking for months about ideas and activities you can and should be doing with your littles and friends, The Preschool Box is my #1 recommendation for you! 


The Preschool Box is a monthly subscription filled with preschool activities that encourage learning, reading, and creativity in children ages 3-6! Each monthly subscription is filled with activities and concepts that are conveniently broken up for your kiddos over the entire month (4-week period). Plus, The Preschool Box team creates custom curriculums for your preschooler by using the BEST practices from years of teaching and optimizes each box for FUN… which y’all know we’re ALL about here at Blossoming Mommy And Baby! 


Listen Momma, the work you do now with your children matters! Having developmentally appropriate tasks and activities (things like color matching, shape sorting, sound identification, counting, writing practice and more!!) will help your children develop pre-learning skills, communication, play skills, and more! That is TOTALLY the Occupational Therapist in me talking but in all honesty, these skills are an important foundation for life! 

So, let’s get after it, Momma! 

When learning is presented in a way that is FUN and with the proper tools, children are better able to reach their full potential ~ and you Mommas we’re all about that! Your littles are meant to thrive! 

Here’s how I suggest you get started: Structure in your preschool time either in the morning, afternoon, or evening (whatever works best for your family) and have FUN learning together! I am so excited for you and look forward to Brody man getting his first box next year! 

And because I know you’re a bargain betty… I’ve got a GREAT coupon code for you! Order your first box here (affiliate link) and be sure to enter code BLOSSOM5 for $5 off your first box! 



{All Photographs: Rooted North Portrait Studios}