5 Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms

Breastfeeding Tips | Blossoming Mommy and Baby

National Breastfeeding Month is upon us and we can’t stop celebrating!!!

Here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby we understand there can be a long list of struggles us mommas can face when it comes to breastfeeding. This is why we want to share some of our top (and favorite!!) breastfeeding tips and products to help you on your journey!

Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and enjoy, Momma!! 

1. 5 SUPERFOODS TO EAT WHILE BREASTFEEDING - This list of 5 superfoods will help power BOOST your nutritional intake while you breastfeed, which will in return fuel both Momma + Baby! And Mommas- be sure you join the Healthy Kitchen Club for delicious recipes that are sure to include these powerful superfoods!

2. DESIGN A BREASTFEEDING SANCTUARY - By designing a breastfeeding sanctuary that has all of the right equipment and provides maximum comfort, you set yourself up for success! Your breastfeeding sanctuary doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Feel and functionality are paramount here! Choose a space where you feel most comfortable. If you like peace and quiet look for an area that provides it. Read more about designing your breastfeeding sanctuary HERE.

3.  TIPS FOR BREASTFEEDING ON THE GO - The motif duo is my #1 recommended portable breast pump for all modern Mommas! It has made my on-the-go life essentially hassle-free! Speaking of traveling and being on the go….click HERE to read my top 5 pumping tips for the busy, on the go Mommas so you can make your travels effortless and enjoyable! 

4.  OUR BREASTFEEDING JOURNEY – In this podcast episode, Courtney and I are asking each other questions on all things BREASTFEEDING. From the hardest parts of our journey to why we love and dislike breastfeeding we’re sharing it all! You can click HERE to listen and subscribe. Who knows maybe you’ll learn something new! 

5.  OUR FAVORITE PROTEIN POWDER FOR BREASTFEEDING - I am SO excited to bring back my absolute FAVORITE protein powder for all of you breastfeeding + preggo superstars! It’s so fun to share my favorite items with you, knowing that it will truly make a positive and helpful impact on your momma-hood journey. You can click HERE to get an exclusive recipe I know you will LOVE!

Remember, Momma, we all experience breastfeeding (and motherhood!) in our own way- our own pace, skills, challenges, and unique life factors. Embrace and own your beautiful journey!!

As a new (or seasoned!) mom, it's important to understand the benefits and how-to's of breastfeeding. We hope you learned something new and gained more confidence for your wonderful journey! 

 Be sure to let us know on instagram (@blossomingmommyandbaby) what your favorite breastfeeding takeaways are!