The Easiest Back To School Morning Routine For Moms!

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School is ALMOST back in session which means schedules and routines are back in FULL FORCE very soon to a house near you! :)

So many of you Mommas have requested on Instagram help with getting your family back on schedule as you gear up for the school year. SISTER… you’re in luck ‘cause today I’ve got JUST the thing to get you and your crew back on track and ready for an AMAZING school year!! 

Remember, there is SO much power in planning! If this concept is new to your motherhood or if you’re REALLY struggling in the planning department, be sure to have a little extra grace on yourself. You don’t have to do all the things for all the people and you definitely don’t have to do it perfect (Thank Goodness, RIGHT?!)! Use the tips I share below as a simplified approach to getting your fam back on routine mode and let’s get you ready for an AMAZING school year, Momma! 

Get sleep schedules back on track!

Summertime is the BEST for slow mornings and long campfire evenings… but sadly, it has to come to an end! The best way to get your kiddos back on track with their sleep is to start structuring in sleep/wake times similar to the school year. Try to have them go to bed and wakeup within 30-40 minutes of the times they would be sleeping and waking during the school year. I’d suggest doing this about 2-3 weeks out from the start of school, then 1 week before school starts, transition your kiddos to wake and sleep times at the exact time they would during the school year.

Prep as much as you can the night before!

Clearing your plate of excess tasks that can be done at night is EVERYTHING for the Mom who wants a more simplified morning. Plus, when you have less chaos (and let’s be real… who doesn’t want that!), you can actually enjoy your mornings! Here’s what I suggest prepping the night before:

  1. Healthy lunches 

  2. Clothes/outfits 

  3. Breakfasts + smoothies 

  4. Workout bags, school bags, work bags packed 

  5. Locate car keys and keep in safe place 

  6. Papers signed, money laid out 

  7. After school/work plans and pick ups discussed

Have a structured morning!

You need to get up before your children! If everyone is getting up at the same time, it will be absolute chaos in your house. Set your alarm clock at least 1 hour before your kiddo’s wakeup so you have time to drink coffee, workout, and get ready for the day. Once YOU’RE ready, then go wakeup your kids at the same time, everyday. Have a consistent and timely routine so everyone knows what to do, when.

This routine will vary depending on the amount of kids you have, their ages, and their independence, so be sure to make this structured routine your own!

Here’s an example of how I’d recommend you structure your morning:

- 5:00am Mom wakeup. Coffee + bible. Workout. Shower + get ready.
-6:45am Get kids up + make bed
-7:00-7:15am Breakfast
-7:15-7:30am Dressing, hair, brush teeth
-7:30-7:40am Buffer space for mornings (because we all need it!)
-7:45am Grab bags and head out the door! 

For some kiddos, having a visual schedule may help or it may get in the way. Do what works best for your family when it comes to creating a morning schedule and watch your family THRIVE!! Research continues to show how beneficial predictability and structure is for our kids and ourselves. It will take effort and consistency, but I promise… it will be worth it! 


  1. Don’t have the TV on. Play uplifting music, Christian radio, or a good podcast instead. 

  2. Have yummy, easy, and FAST healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and snacks on hand! 

  3. Make sure everyone makes their bed. This is an immediate WIN for the day and should be an absolute non-negotiable. 

  4. Pray together and speak life over your day! 

Okay, friend! It’s time to get busy! Keep us updated on your progress and be sure to let me know over on instagram (@blossomingmommyandbaby) what your biggest takeaways were today! :) 



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