The 3 BEST Strategies For Staying Content When Motherhood KNOCKS. YOU. DOWN.

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Whether you’re a new Momma or a seasoned veteren, finding contentment in your motherhood journey is a skill that requires time, patience, and LOTS of practice :). Having a heart of contentment can be tricky at times (especially in the age of social media), but it’s something worth fighting for and will truly reshape the way you approach, perceive, AND experience your motherhood.

Here’s the truth, friend. Motherhood is TOUGH. We’re up at crazy hours. We sing baby shark like it’s a new Taylor Swift single. We go through extreme measures to keep tiny Legos organized… all while soothing a crying baby and mixing up some organic mac n cheese for the crew. And I’m just getting started!

The many hats you wear- the nurse, counselor, chef, chauffeur, house cleaner, landscaper….. (insert every other hat you wear here_____) all have great meaning! But if you’re noticing now more than ever that you struggle with feelings of exhaustion, burnout, overwhelm, mom fog (my version of brain fog), and discontentment with your season, you need the BMAB mental mommy makeover, STAT!

Sister, I totally get how up and down motherhood is! One minute we feel like we’re on top of the world because all the laundry’s put away, dinner’s made, work is going well, and the kids are well behaved… and then you SNEEZE and dinner’s overcooked, you have to work late on a project, and your 4 year old just cut her bangs with your kitchen scissors. LOL. Did I just describe a recent night of yours or what?!

Here’s the truth. Everyday of Motherhood is like a box of chocolates… As Forrest Gump so eloquently put it… “ya never know what you gonna get”. Some days you may get your chocolate and peanut butter cup ANNNNNND other days you may bite into that cherry filled nugget. (Which newsflash.. You can’t stand the taste of cherry filled nuggets).

No matter what box of chocolates you’ve been served this week, remember that finding and staying content, REGARDLESS of your circumstances is key for embracing and enjoying your greatest motherhood journey!

My top 3 strategies to help you stay content when you feel like motherhood’s knocked you down:

Tune In!

One of the greatest challenges I see so many moms struggle with is lack of self-awareness. We’re SO busy doing #momlife that we don’t take time to think, feel, or breathe ourselves. It’s almost as if we’re creating our own fires and tending to put them out ALL. DAY. LONG..…. And we wonder why motherhood feels so chaotic and exhausting!

This way of life doesn’t have to be YOUR motherhood, Momma! Commit today to honoring what it means for you to be MORE self-aware. In doing so, you’ll have more mental capacity and clarity to find balance and contentment in your journey.

  • How to Tune In:

    • Understand your emotions! Don’t shy away from why you’re feeling a certain way. When you understand the root of what’s going on (instead of stuffing your emotions!), and you allow yourself to feel ALL THE FEELS, youf prioritizing your emotional health ~ which is KEY for a thriving motherhood!

    • Know your reactionary tendencies! Do you Naturally overreact? Or maybe you checkout emotionally? Do you find yourself going from 0 to 100 in a split second? Understanding how you react to seasons and events is super helpful when trying to establish a more balanced and responsive approach to mom life.

    • Identify your triggers! Whether it’s a dirty home, a chaotic schedule, lack of quiet time, certain people, or any other trigger you find irritating (fill in the blank here___________), knowing what makes you tick and doing everything in your power to either avoid, cope, or manage these triggers is important for keeping your self-awareness up to date and effective!

Decide What You Need To Do To Move Forward!

Being stuck in a pit is NEVER a good thing and unfortunately, I’ve been there one too many times! Being stuck in a pit kind of feels like you’re treading water in a pool with no wall to grab onto. No matter how many times you try to get to the side, you never seem to find your footing. WOWZA! Friend! Are you here now? The good news is you DON’T have to stay here, but you DO have to put in the effort to move forward with your life!

It’s super easy for us as Moms to have the mentality of “I’m a Mom, I’ll do that when my kids are grown and out of the house.”


Do it NOW. I’m 99.9% sure one of the BIGGEST reasons you’re struggling with contentment right now is because you’re waiting on this magical day to start doing the things you love. OR you’re comparing your life to everybody else’s highlight reel on social media and you’re not recognizing the blessings and joys in your own life!

Being content in the here and now is a decision that only YOU can make. Don’t wait for your kids to be grown before you find yourself and your happiness again. Make your motherhood meaningful and beautiful RIGHT NOW in all of those beautiful, messy moments.

  • How to Move Forward:

    • Stop having a pity party! OHHHWEEE! Momma’s got some TOUGH love for you today! Your mindset shift into positive thinking is the first thing you need to tackle before you can move forward! Misery LOVES company and if you find yourself constantly showing up negative and moping through your #momlife--- sister, now’s your chance to wake up and make the decision to see your life and motherhood as the incredible blessing that it truly is!

    • Roll up your sleeves and do the work! Changing your life isn’t just going to happen. It’s going to take discipline, hard work, and your willingness to show up and take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally every single day. Don’t let yourself go just because you became a Mom. BECAUSE you became a Mom is the greatest reason for you to pour back into yourself.

    • Reroute your journey, don’t quit on your final destination! So your motherhood doesn’t look like you imagined….You still have the power to own you journey by showing up and finding contentment and beauty each and everyday! Accept what is necessary. Learn. Grow. Get rid of negative and unhealthy distractions and experience all of the joy and beauty God has blessed you with, sister!

See The Big Picture!

My greatest hope for you is that you wont wait until your children are 18 to find contentment with your motherhood! Sally Clarckson (my virtual momma mentor) always talks about  how we should number our children’s days and when we can start with the end in mind, it truly does shift our perspective on how important everyday moments are!

Mommas, I know that motherhood is hard, and messy, and beautiful all at the same time, but right now, THESE ARE THE DAYS. You and I friend…..We’re living them and the way you experience these days is YOUR CHOICE.

  • Choose grace over perfection.

  • Choose having a happy house instead of a stressed house

  • Choose to fill your heart and mind with healthy, positive thoughts, podcasts, books, and friends

  • Choose to give up the unrealistic expectations you’ve set for yourself

  • Choose to slow down your life so you don’t miss out on the magical moments that are NOW

You’ve got this, Momma. Contentment is right at your fingertips and it’s now up to you to make this a daily part of your life! Tell me in the comments below or over on instagram what contentment means to you and how you plan to cultivate more of it in your life!

Always here for you every step of the way!