What I Would Have Told My Pre-Mom Self

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I recently was asked to share what I wish I would have known before becoming a Momma. I giggle thinking about this because my idea of what motherhood was (before I became a Mom) to what being a Mom is REALLY like is something only a Mom would understand. {cue the giggles!}

So, if you’re a new Momma, pregnant, or a veteran Mom, be inspired and empowered by my life lessons today!

I think it’s far too common for Moms to be on one end of the pendulum or the other (the hot mess express or the completely checked out of motherhood and fully absorbed with self) and it’s my job to be that bridge for YOU so you can find your happy medium.

You don’t have to be a hot mess of a meltdown every day. And you also don’t have to be so absorbed with yourself that you neglect to be in-tune with the needs of your home, husband, and children.

It’s a balance and it’s TOTALLY do-able for you, sweet friend! Keep working hard at being the best version of yourself as a mother! You can do this and I’m right here, cheering you on every step of the way!

Lesson #1: Emotional + Mental Awareness

One week after giving birth to Brody, I noticed something in my body (and mind) that I hadn’t experienced for a long, long time. My hot flashes, tingly toes, and full blown anxiety attacks were back, hitting me hard and completely out of left field. I partially blame the hormones and the sudden lifestyle change, but in all honesty, I’m thankful to have experienced postpartum anxiety because it has helped me connect even deeper and has allowed me to help so many of you who are walking through this season right now.

After about 1 month, I was able to get a good handle on my anxiety again and learned how important it was for me to be mentally and emotionally stable because my son and my husband thrive when I’m in-tune with my needs and theirs-and I wasn’t able to do this effectively when my own mental health was overbarren with anxiousness!

Lesson #2: Working Out + Eating Well has out has a whole new meaning… and it’s POWERFUL!

Before becoming a Momma, workouts were either long and luxurious or a HUGE dread and just completed to cross off my list. Whew, friend! If this is you now, hear my heart!! Working out is one of the greatest blessings you can give to your body and your mind! Not only will you maintain the strength and energy to keep up with your littles, but you’ll also be carving out mental space for you to breathe and refuel.

As a Mom, I’m always pressed for time, so making the most out of every minute I get to workout is key! I’ve also really enjoyed pairing my workouts with personal development from podcasts or my latest audio book to get a double whammy!

If you’re struggling with your fitness, try completing your workouts early in the morning OR take your kids outside and do it there. Both of these options will be a game changer for your consistency!

Similar to fitness, my nutrition has also been a key player when it comes to having the energy and endurance to keep up with my kiddo! I don’t go more than a few hours without eating healthy snacks, smoothies, and meals all thanks to the healthy kitchen club and know that when I’m fueling well, my mood, energy, and passion for #momlife SOARS!

Lesson #3: It takes work to be intentional!

Before becoming a Mom, it was all about me, all the time. ANNNNNND WHAM! Reality! There’s a fine line of being intentional with your self-care and tending to the needs of your children and doing so both intentionally (and both well) is a balancing act I’m still learning! My best advice here is to show up for yourself each and every day. Do the work to be self-aware and know what your body and mind need SO THAT you can be fueled with life, not drowning in overwhelm. THEN, show up and be present for your children! Be intentional with how you parent, how you  make memories, and how you interact on a regular basis. It’s really easy to let life take over and revert back to just going through the motions of motherhood, so be intentional with how you do #momlife and enjoy it!

Lesson #4: Prioritize your marriage!

Weekly date nights, long movie weekends, and romantic cross-country ski dates through the white capped Alaskan mountains….. Y’all, this was my reality pre-children! And I’m not saying this is forever gone, but right now, in this season of motherhood, Brian and I have made necessary changes to our new reality so we can connect and deepen our marriage together while we journey through parenthood.

Sometimes this looks like once a month dates nights. Sometimes it looks like a late night movie after Brody is asleep. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to be scheduled. Listen, Momma. You can choose to drift apart or you can work hard to grow together over the next 18+ years. Your kids need you to have a healthy, strong, thriving marriage- so work hard to create it!

What would you have told your pre-mom self? Tell me below or over on instagram!

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