My #1 Fitness Inspired Yoga Recommendation For Moms!

FTC Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BulldogYoga. Product + Compensation were received.
All opinions are my own!

It’s springtime and you Mommas know there’s no better time to get back on track with your fitness goals than right now! I think there’s truly something so inspiring about the warmer days and sunshine rays that always seem to give us that extra boost of Mommy motivation this time of year!

Speaking of motivation, I absolutely LOVE seeing all of your sweaty BMAB checkins and know you’re working hard to stay motivated, healthy, fit, and strong for yourself and your littles~ which is why I am so excited to introduce you to my newfound fitness obsession, Bulldog Yoga Online!


Bulldog Yoga is an incredible, one of a kind blend of fitness fueled yoga and heart pumping music to ensure us Mommas get the sweatiest, strongest workouts every week! I’ve been loving the addition of Bulldog Yoga into my workout routine each week, and DOUBLE LOVE that the classes are streamed online so I can sneak them into my days in-between business meetings and toddler naps because… #momlife ;)

Another great feature that I love about Bulldog Yoga is their wide range of classes! Sometimes it’s nice just to get a good deep stretch and active recovery workout in ~which I’ve been able to do with Bulldog’s activate and bulldog bite classes, while other days the exhilarate and invigorate classes are my go to for more of a heart pumping workout, and sister… they are TOUGH!

You don’t have to be a yoga expert, Momma! Take it from a girl who can hardly touch her toes :) Just login, focus, and SWEAT! And don’t worry, you’ll never have to chant or be apart of any classes with sanskrit language! WOHOO!!


Since starting bulldog, I’ve notice more strength in my core and arms and have been enjoying the aerobic and extra cardio strength classes too! I’ve actually incorporated two full days of Bulldog Yoga, giving my body a break from sweaty trail runs and have been feeling so much stronger and more limber because of it.

Sweet Momma, if you’re looking to add more strength and variation into your workout routine, get that sweet little yoga tush of yours into a Bulldog yoga online class! You’ll LOVE the instructors and workouts, I promise!

Bulldog’s streaming online classes are available anytime, any place- and on YOUR schedule! Whether it’s in between naps, early in the morning, or late at night, Bulldog Yoga will work with you and your busy #momlife schedule!

Bulldog Yoga, is my #1 fitness inspired yoga recommendation for Mommas and they’re offering a limited time-30 DAY FREE TRIAL to the Blossoming Mommy And Baby Community! Get going today, Momma! Just click here to get started and be sure to share this page with a fellow mom friend who would be blessed by a free 30 days too!