The BEST Therapy Tips For Moms Of Toddlers!

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One of the greatest gifts I have been able to give Brody is the ability to be an intentionally present Momma. Maybe it’s the occupational therapist in me, but I work hard to protect our time and space together, using everyday moments to spark his growth, development, confidence, and connections!

Momma, you too have the ability to create this time with your children!

Today I’ll be sharing some of the therapy activities I do everyday with Brody (and some that are on my list to do in a few months)! Taking time away from the screens, technology, and the FOMO (fear of missing out) pressures of society will help you not only be more present with your littles but will also help to encourage greater development and relationship in your children’s lives!

Today I’ll be sharing three main therapy categories that I work with Brody on. Typically I’ll set aside time morning, afternoon, and evening to have intentional play time with him AND with ZERO distractions. No multi-tasking podcasts, no Hallmark channel, no business book playing in the background. Just me, Brody, our activity at hand, and if it’s not winter time (which is it ever NOT winter time in Alaska ;) ), you better believe we’re outside under a big spruce tree or barefoot on the grass soaking in sunshine rays and fresh Alaskan air!

Whether you choose to go outside, or stay in, just remember- NO distractions! Be happy and intentional with your focus and your time. If you work outside of the home and can’t break up these 3 segments into morning, afternoon, and evening, that’s totally okay! Try implementing one 10-20 minute segment before dinner and one 10 minute segment after dinner.

Balance, Strength, + Coordination

  • Have your child stand, walk, single leg balance, or crawl across different surfaces! Things like mats, wedges, cargo nets, blankets, tarps, sand, or any creative (and safe!) texture you can think of is a great challenge and developmental activity for your children!

  • Animal Walks! Remember these as kids? Have your child crab, alligator, bear crawl, or pony walk to challenge trunk control, strength, and coordination!

  • Exercise Ball! Have your child lay on his/her tummy on your large exercise ball. Hold onto their feet and roll the ball forward! Make sure they stay balanced and place their hands on the floor!

    Hand-Eye Coordination + Fine Motor Skills

  • Bubble Track and Pop! Brody LOVES bubbles. It is the CUUUUUTEST ever!! Right now he’ll point to the bubble basket we have in our laundry room, sign more with his hands, and blow a big exhale! TOO CUTE! So for your little one, blow bubbles up high (big or small!) and have your child “pop!” them with their hands! This activity is great for visual tracking and hand-eye coordination.

  • Throw a ball through hoops! Get a hoolahoop and a summer ball and make it a neighborhood game to throw the ball through the hoop! Stand 2-3 feet back from hoop. Mix up throws between overhand, underhand, and single arm throw!

  • Squirt gun and target. Use different colored targets (these can literally be anything! Foam dots, big legos, bath toys.. You name it!) and set them around a localized area (outside or in the bathtub). Then, help your child with a “ready, set, go” sequence and proper handling on the squirt gun! Then aim and fire!! YEEEHAW!

  • Fishing (tongs or spoons). Fill up a big bucket or your bathtub with plastic balls, then use kid-size tongs (these can be found on amazon, world market, or most kitchen stores) or different sized spoons to scoop out the balls!

  • Cheerios + Pasta + Playdough. Use uncooked, dry pasta (spaghetti noodles) and break in half. Smash playdough on counter and stick uncooked pasta noodles vertically in dough, then have your child place cheerios on top of the noodles! Fine motor GALORE!!

Relax Your Body!

Many Moms struggle with relaxing themselves… so how on earth are they (or you) supposed to get their/your kids to relax? If you can relate, no worries friend! Our goal is to help your children learn strategies that will work for HIM/HER when it comes to relaxing their body! Here are some of my BEST suggestions to help your little one (I’ll star the ones I use for Brody!)

  • Play calming music* (Brody loves classical music, jazz, nature sounds… hmm… I wonder why?! :)

  • Dim the lights*

  • Slow, rhythmic swings* (rocking chair or swing)

  • Weighted blanket

  • Aromatherapy* (lavender is great!)

  • Deep Breathing

Ok, Momma! You’ve got some therapy centered playtime to do!! I cannot wait to see you and your kiddos having FUN AND INTENTIONAL TIME TOGETHER…. All while building up those developmental skills, but shhh… that will be our little secret! ;) Make sure you snap a pic or two and checkin with me in the comments inside our private Facebook group or over on instagram and if you found these tips to be super helpful, don’t forget to hop on into our Patreon Community— trust me, you’ll be glad you did :)



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