My 55 Pound Weight Loss Journey ( might surprise you!)

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Doesn’t it seem like everyone and their grandma these days is promoting SOME KIND of fitness fad or health trend to guarantee life happiness, weight loss, and the secret to looking your best? I’ve always been aware of this “ noise” online and set strict boundaries with myself so A) I don’t get inundated with daily sales pitches B) I don’t waste time and C) I don’t get caught in comparing my life with other’s highlight reel.

My social media boundaries worked for YEARS…...until I became pregnant. My once confident self, slowly became very body conscious, food conscious, and appearance obsessed as I slowly watched the pounds pack on week after week.

I found myself unable to deny an unhealthy obsession with how I looked in the mirror. My face started to get rounder and puffy. My legs no longer fit into my jeans and maternity jeans were just not doing it for me (hello 9 months of yoga pants). I started to get dimples and extra cellulite all over my body. I lost my toned arms. And my once tight and toned stomach… well, you know what happens there!

I knew this was probably going to happen, but I was healthy and saw so many other healthy women have the BUMP ONLY pregnancy, so I figured I would too. NOT MY CASE. Can you relate?

There is SO much pressure from our culture to have the perfect body before, during, and after pregnancy, so if you DON’T (like I didn’t), how will you respond? Since I had been down this road of obsessive eating and thinking before, I knew that my thought patterns were not healthy and if I didn’t fix them immediately, I’d be heading down a dangerous road.

So I changed! I stopped my negative thinking and my obsessive eating. I embraced my body, beautiful growing baby, and did the best I could to eat healthy, press into my cravings (Um… hello, nachos, spaghetti, and french fries!), and regained control over my mind.

Momma, making this shift in my thinking and acting changed my life and if you let it, it will change yours as well! We don’t have to compare, contrast, or wish our pregnancy and postpartum journey was someone else’s. WOAH. Did I just step on some toes? Did I make you do a double take? Let that truth soak in, friend!

Throughout my pregnancy I gained 55 pounds. Did I workout? Yep. Did I eat healthy? For the most part. Did I expect to gain that much? Nope. But you know what, I did the best I could to be my healthiest and knew I’d be able to get back to my old routines once Brody was born.

Pregnancy is a beautiful, challenging, unknown journey that we all must embrace! Sometimes what we have “planned” in our mind doesn’t really go as planned as intended over those precious 40 weeks. Like the idea of having a smoothie everyday…. Except when you have major aversions to smoothies (me). Or like the idea of having a huge salad a day… except when you have major vegetable aversions (also me).

So, sweet Momma, whatever you’re going through right now in your pregnancy, or whatever you went through during your pregnancy journey , remember that you are so very strong and your sweet angel is going to be so worth every second!

After I gave birth to Brody, I knew I had a long road in front of me. I’ve never had 65 extra pounds to lose, legs that doubled in size, or a stomach that stretched out my old belly button ring scar. I remember staring in the mirror 5 days after we got home, looking at how my body had changed- marks, scars, bloating, and softness and honestly, I couldn’t be any prouder. I stared into the large master bath mirror of the new house we had just moved into, with my 1 week old in my arms and sobbed.

We did it. And honestly, the shape of my body, it didn’t matter. What mattered what was in my arms and now- my whole heart. To date, I am about 15 months postpartum and have never felt as strong, powerful, and healthy as I do today. Those insecure and comparative feelings I had while pregnant? GONE. Mentally, I worked SO HARD to get to a space where I could focus on honoring this incredible body God gave me. Not only did it grow and birth Brody, but it also nourished him for his first year of life and allows me to be the healthy, strong Mom my son needs me to be!

Momma, let me tell you my secret for losing all of my baby weight…. Lean closer, you’ll want to hear this nice and clear…

You have to stop making excuses for yourself. Stop comparing your life, your body, and your postpartum journey with other people and start telling yourself how much you deserve to take care of and honor the body that God has blessed YOU with!

Embrace each and every curve and stretch mark. Sweat HARD everyday. Drink your water. Have your green smoothie. Prepare incredible meals for yourself and your family. Your kids need you to be so incredibly focused on you being the best version of you physically, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually so YOU can be the happy, healthy Mom they need you to be!

How can you be intentional and purposeful as a Mom if you’re SO self-absorbed with the thoughts of how your body isn’t like it used to be? How can you be fully present with your kids if you’re obsessively checking social media and watching other women’s pregnancy and postpartum journey and never feeling like you measure up?

As Rachel Hollis would put it… GIRL, GO WASH YOUR FACE!

Your weight will come off IF you do the right things, RIGHT. In fact, I’m going to teach you my exact secrets for losing all of my weight while becoming the strongest and mentally toughest I’ve ever been, which allows me to be the most present and encouraging Momma I can be! I’ve packaged up all my secrets so you too can wash that face, lose the weight, ditch the obsessive habits, and be the extraordinary Mom you are destined to be!

Learn all my secrets inside my Total Postpartum Plan, Blossom After Baby Here!

Momma, you’ve got this! You are made for incredible things in this lifetime, but you will never fully experience those moments if you aren’t tending to your own mind, body, and soul! So do it. Start now. Don’t wait a second longer. Cheering you on EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY.

Here’s to being great Moms, {clinks the glasses of green smoothie}



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