How To Spring Clean Your Head Space

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As Spring cleaning and the Marie Kondo phenomenon continue to take the motherhood community by storm, I truly believe there is NO better time than right now to  help you spring clean that sweet little mind of yours!


It’s a crazy thing to think about, right? I mean really, girl. STOP and think about it! Your mind has SO much power over your life- the way you think, act, respond, and if I’m being completely honest, the way you live!

Time and time again I see so many of you struggling with this portion of your health. Is this you, friend? Do you struggle with recognizing unhealthy or negative thought patterns? If you do, you’re in the right spot because today I’m going to share my top 3 tips for Spring cleaning this area of your motherhood!

But First….My Story of Mental Mastery

I spent years living a small town, Alaskan kind of lifestyle. We fished. We played sports. We rode snow machines through white capped mountains to stay at our (toilet-less) cabin in the Caribou Hills. Don’t worry, we had an outhouse! ;)

I had a very normal upbringing with no traumatic events, so why was it that at 19 years of age I started to battle extreme anxiety, panic, and fear based thinking? Why was this mental battle crippling my day to day? Why did I get so stressed out in college lecture halls? How did I hide daily panic attacks from the 300+ students I sat next to on a regular basis? Why did I turn to food for comfort?

My struggle with anxiety developed as I left my hometown and ventured out into the world. After battling upwards of 10 years, I feel confident in my season of life now to share with you my experience, my education, and my tools- all of which I believe are the foundation to help YOU develop the tools you need for mental mastery! (Learn my exact steps for climbing out of this mental pit here!)

3 Steps For Spring Cleaning Your Head Space

Master your thoughts

When you master your thoughts, you master your mind! If this powerful statement is true (and it is!), why then do we let our thoughts run wild? If you find that worry, comparison, old voices from the past (like your parents, friends, etc), fear, and have the inability to shut your mind off, here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Recognize your thinking pattern! List out how you think and how often you’re thinking. Weird right? I know, but trust me girl. Step back and see your thoughts. Let them come and go. Don’t obsess or keep replaying them in your mind.

  2. Don’t play the “what if” game.

  3. Don’t create situations or events that may never happen.

See your thoughts and allow them to pass through, similar to a bird flying through the sky. I’ve often told myself: “Oh hey thought! You’re not friendly and I’m not going to obsess over you. Thanks for stopping in. Bye!” And then I LET. IT. GO.

See your thoughts. Let them pass. Do not let yourself create negative thought patterns...which, ahem, brings me to point #2!

Let go of negative behaviors and thought patterns

Once you’ve learned to identify your thoughts, you must then recognize any negative behaviors or thought patterns that have made a permanent resting place in that precious little mind of yours! Negative behaviors like constantly living with a fear based mentality (this used to be me!), constantly feeding yourself lies about yourself or those you love, or living in a constant pattern of negative self-talk will begin to cloud your thinking, judgement, and actions; which ultimately impact your life! This is why it is so important to identify, let go, and refuel your mind with healthy habits, which is my last point for you!

Refuel your mind

Ahh… the POWER of refueling!! Think about your car running on empty. Bad things happen, right? Friend, the same thing will happen to your mind if you let it continually run on negative thoughts and thought patterns. Here are 5 things I’d love to see you apply to your life to help keep your mind fresh and fully charged!

  1. Fuel Your Mind With Biblical Scripture
    {I go over this tip even DEEPER inside the Patreon Community! Dive deeper with me here!}

  2. Practice Writing (and reading) Daily Affirmations

  3. Use Helpful Tools Like Apps (I LOVE headspace), Books, and Podcasts To Improve Your Mental Mastery

  4. Connect With Other Moms Who Are Positive + Encouraging (Join our private MOMS ONLY Fb group here!)

  5. Practice Simplicity + Gratitude

Momma, I’m so proud of you and so excited to watch you work towards mastering your mindset! How do you plan on applying these tips today? Let me know in the comments here or over on Instagram!

Cheering you on, ALWAYS!


Your Thoughts Determine Your Life!

What you tell your brain (either positive or negative), will determine how you experience life! Learn how to replace negative and stressful thinking with positive and powerful strategies so you can enjoy your life!