To The Touched Out And Emotionally Done Momma....

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In my mid twenties, I was often told I was the life of the party. And when I say party I mean campfires, days at the lake, and good old fashioned game nights! What’s ironic is that overtime, those comments of always being the entertainer, the jokester, the communicator, the connector… they began to manifest themselves into my own self imposed expectations of how I showed up for the world. I wanted to please everyone. I wanted to say yes to everything. I wanted to be liked and friends with everyone and if I’m being honest, I enjoyed it! What happened next was something I never saw coming and now, looking back, I’m so glad it did.

I grew weary. The long days of always being “on” and carrying the emotional weight (and baggage) of other people soon began to eat away at my soul and I found myself so overly connected with people that I was emotionally under connected with those that mattered most.

This is a super dangerous place to be in and unfortunately, a spot I see so many Moms struggle with. We’re so busy doing “mom life” that we forget to tune into our own emotional needs. We’re so busy saying yes to our kid’s schools, sporting events, music lessons, and play dates because we have such an intense fear of missing out.

We’re exhausted. We’re touched out. We’re emotionally dry. We never stop and tune into what’s going on inside. And we wonder why we’re not enjoying motherhood….

Momma, if you’re here now, you don’t have to stay! I see you and honor your tenacity to change and I love that about you! Pull up a seat and know that wherever you’re at on your journey,, there will always be room to recognize, grow, and refine your skills so you can continue to strive towards living as the extraordinary Mom I know you are!

So, let’s get to it, shall we?!

The 3 tips I have for you are what helped me let go of the paralyzing fear I had as a people pleaser. I spent so many years caring for and about other people and let myself carry the emotional baggage of other people to a point where it negatively impacted my life. I no longer felt in control or intune with my own emotions or emotional intelligence and was out of touch with what my body needed. I continued to build a barrier until I came to my breaking point in which I had two choices:

  1. Continue on the emotion-LESS path I was on

  2. Re-connect with my emotional intelligence and presence

Now, don’t get me wrong- we should ALWAYS care for other people. In fact, it’s one of the greatest commands in the bible! However, there’s got to be a line with the boundaries you set. Because if you don’t, you might just find yourself completely drained from carrying the weight of the world, with nothing left to give to yourself or those that matter most.

Emotionally Tapped Out? Apply These 3 Tips!

Protect Your Best Yes

Everytime you say yes to something or someone, you’re saying no to something or someone else. Think about this concept the next time you get asked to volunteer at school, head out for a coffee date, or sign up to bake cupcakes for next week’s soccer game. It’s easy to over commit and succumb to the “I’m so busy” mentality, which is why I believe so much of our culture is in zombie mode and why so many moms feel emotionally drained. Plus, when you don’t protect your YES, you’re more likely to say no to things that matter most like time with your kids!

Wear Your Gold Halo

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE tricks and one that I teach inside our Mental Health + Mommas Program! Here’s how it works: every time you know you’re going to be around one of “those people”, you know, the people you suck the life and energy out of you or always seem to overshare, PUT. YOUR. GOLD. HALO. ON. GIRL.

I want you to imagine that you’ve got a hula hoop around your waist, which in reality is a gold halo. You and your energy are protected inside of that halo and other people’s energy and attitude are NOT allowed to come in. Your halo deflects the negative energy so you can protect yourself emotionally. Be empathetic and authentic (ALWAYS!), just don’t carry the burden or negativity of other people.

Set And Implement Healthy Boundaries

I’m raising my hand over here as a former people pleaser who said yes to everything, every event, every collaboration, and every “may I pick your brain for coffee” invitation! Listen, girl. Setting boundaries is a GOOD THING. They help protect your time and energy, which is essential for you to be a healthy Mom! Boundaries can come in many shapes and forms including:

  • Physical boundaries (you’re in my space)

  • Time boundaries (I won’t have coffee dates because that is time I want to spend time with my kids)

  • Emotional boundaries (I won’t engage in oversharing or gossiping)

  • Social media boundaries (I won’t mindlessly scroll on my phone or waste time on social media when I should be present with my children)

  • Self awareness boundaries (I won’t neglect my own self care because I know that in order to be my best self, I need to take care of my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing)

Protect your yes. Rock that halo. Make your boundaries. I promise, when you apply these 3 strategies, your life will dramatically shift and your emotional intelligence will SKY ROCKET!

Remember, friend. Be aware of your energy and what your body, mind, and soul need (and if you don’t, you better get that precious booty of yours into our Total Postpartum Lifestyle Plan so I can teach you!!) and don’t be afraid to step out in confidence as you start to work through these tips! You’ve got this!

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