How To Run Your Home LIKE A BUSINESS!

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Do you ever feel rushed as you go about your days? If you feel like you are scrambling around like a mad woman who forgot to put her bra on and you find yourself at the end of your day tallying who did more “work” today- you or your husband… sweet friend, you are not alone!

I find myself giggling while sipping down a second cup of coffee as I type out the opening statement for this week’s article because there is SO. MUCH. TRUTH. to this illusive idea that our culture paints for Moms today. I mean really, friends… have you ever walked out of your house without a bra on then realized you forgot to turn off the oven from breakfast and left your packed lunch in the refrigerator?

We’re rushed. We’re frazzled. We’re FRUMPY. We identify with this false reality that being a Mom is burdensome and running a home efficiently is a far fetched belief.

Hear my heart, friend. You can find victory in your days. You don’t have to live this lie that having a life and home that runs like a well-oiled machine isn’t possible. BUT here’s the kicker. Most people will go on to state that you can’t balance Motherhood. You can’t balance working life or mom life. And you definitely can’t effectively balance running a home and having children at the same time.

I’m here to tell you that this mindset that most people have is WRONG.

All you need are the tools, some self-discipline, and a back up plan when things don’t always pan out the way you except them because… well, #momlife and #reality. Sounds easy, right? Kind of. I have the tools for you because I went through the hard. The laundry battle. The sticky floors. The stinky bathrooms. The “no one is eating but me”. The messy car. The stack of unopened mail. The LIST. GOES. ON. And friend, if you’re in the thick of it now, you don’t have to stay there. I had to take a step back and treat my home just as I did my business- with dedication, discipline, and vision. Here’s what this means for you…



Can I just be real with you? A lot of people these days are lazy. We live in an instant gratification world and that same mindset unfortunately is rooted in the way we tend to our homes. If you want to run a successful home you need to treat it like a successful business. Weird analogy? Maybe. But it works! So here’s my secret technique for running your home like a business:

  • Develop a cleaning schedule. I know this is a very fluffy term and one that is  tossed around quite frequently in the motherhood world but it’s important and it’s a critical piece for setting your home up for success. The issue is that we have this unrealistic approach to what a successful cleaning schedule looks like.  You may have dabbled with this for a week or two, and then decided to ditch it because it wasn’t working. Find and create a cleaning schedule that works for you, your family, and your lifestyle. If you’re a BMAB PATREON PARTNER, this month our “DEEP DIVE” episode is all on how to create an effective cleaning schedule that fits the needs of your family! I can’t wait to pull back the curtain and share this powerful strategy session with you! 

  • Develop a meal planning routine. When you automate your meals, you decrease the stress and chaos that can come from never having a dinner plan. If you’re new to meal planning, just start with planning out all of your dinners for the week and two healthy snacks. Once you master this, THEN start looking into different ways to build in your lunches, breakfasts, and snacks! (Need help whipping up healthy meals for your family? I gotcha, girl! Learn more here!)

  • Develop a block + pocket schedule routine. This is one of my absolute FAVORITE topics to teach on and will provide you with so much success and clarity when it comes to organizing and structuring your day. A block schedule is you sitting down with your calendar and time blocking every hour of your day to the hour (I’ll show you an example below). The trick to making this schedule provide you with LIFE and ENERGY instead of just a box to check off is by structuring your blocks intentionally next to glow pockets throughout your day. Glow pockets are a term I use in our moms + mental health program called grounded and glowing and are meant to help you and your family recharge and refresh. Essentially your day will sound like this:

    “ wake-up, glow pocket, work, work, work, glow pocket, work, work, glow pocket, work, glow pocket, bed.”

    My method behind this is to help you understand the power and importance of having space throughout your day so you’re fueled and on fire for your life, your home, and your family.

    When you block + pocket schedule your day, you’ll be successful (most days ;) ) with running your home and motherhood. Here’s a great example of how I do this for myself. PATREON PARTNERS, I’ll dive deep into how to block and pocket your days! Note that this is for my stay at home days. This schedule looks different when I’m at the pool or clinic while working as a occupational therapy practitioner. If you work outside of the home, fill in with your schedule as appropriate. Remember, the goal of the block + pocket BMAB schedule system is to intentionally structure your day so you have breaks to refuel and recharge so you’re not running around overwhelmed, burned out, and disconnected with your Motherhood journey!

    5:45-8:00: (Glow Pocket) Wakeup. Read bible. Workout. Shower/Get Ready.
    8:00-9:00: (Work) Feed + get ready kids. Quick pickup in kitchen.
    9:00-12:00: (Work) Household chores, errands, business calls.
    12:00-1:00: (Glow Pocket) Eat/Make Lunch. Play outside.
    1:00-3:00: (Work) Kid’s nap. Brand work.
    3:00-5:00: (Work) Errands, chores, play
    5:00-7:00: (Work) Family time. Dinner. Connection.
    7:00-8:00: (Work) Bedtime routines + bed.
    8:00-9:00: (Glow Pocket): Mom’s bedtime routine. Tea. Book. Bed.



Having the discipline to follow through on your home and motherhood structure is your next step in mastering this signature BMAB approach to homemaking! Discipline is a critical piece for your overall success when it comes to actually seeing the transformation take place in your life. So friend, here’s what I want you to do. SHIFT YOUR MINDSET. You have to stop thinking of homemaking and motherhood as such a burden. In fact, I believe they are our two most important roles (along with being a wife)! In my postpartum program called Blossom After Baby, I talk about the importance of having a Proverbs 31 mindset and the value that this brings to our children, our husband, and our home. Recognize this shift in your thinking.

I highly encourage you to step away from what society teaches—> the rat race to perfectionism, wanting more, doing more, being more, and never having enough… and come on into your BMAB approach to being a homemaker. Thankfully, as a BMAB Momma, you don’t have to be the Pinterest perfect housewife! (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!) Just focus on the call God has placed on your heart to create a home that is safe, life-giving, and ENOUGH.


Lastly, let’s put it ALL together! If you don’t see the vision you want for your life and home, how can you achieve it? We’ve gone over a lot today so take a moment (or two), go pour yourself a second cup of coffee and really take in what it means to run your home like a business. Get clear with your homemaking goals and then friend… GET AFTER IT! Remember, your motherhood and homemaking journey is just that… a journey! Never be so focused on your the final destination that you forget to enjoy the journey. The hard, messy days. The vibrant days. The days that don’t go as planned. Every single day you live matters because friend, those days turn into your life!

Cheering you on always, Momma! If this article was helpful for you please share with a friend or pin to your pinterest account and come let me know over on instagram what you learned!



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