3 Things You Must Do If You’re Struggling With Homemaking

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Homemaking is a term that gets thrown around too easily and if I’m being honest, can make us feel like we don’t measure up because A) Our house is never spotless B) Making bread from scratch on a regular basis is only going to happen with a bread machine and C) Having the perfectly set table by 6:00pm will most likely NOT happen for the next 18 years…

If you just gave me a virtual AMEN, we’re definitely on the same page.

Modern homemaking is something I am SO passionate about teaching because it can be relatable and attainable if we do it right and within context of the 21st century. Homemaking is something that I learned to appreciate and honor when we bought our first house and a habit turned lifestyle that has completely transformed the way I view our home and how I share it with friends, family, and those in our community.

Homemaking didn’t always come easy to me and it definitely didn’t come without its fair share of ups and downs. There are still moments today I daydream of a house cleaner or personal chef…. and then nothing brings me back quicker to reality then a spicy toddler, so here we are. :)

Friend, remember that your homemaking- whether you work in our outside (or both) of the home is an absolute GIFT to give to your family. If you’re feeling a little rundown or you’re in a homemaking rut, apply these 3 tips immediately and let’s get your homemaking heart BACK. ON. TRACK.


Don’t make this harder then it needs to be! When you learn to simplify your life and your home, your homemaking becomes way less overwhelming! A great place to start is to begin decluttering your space. There’s no sense in cleaning up stuff you’re not going to use, right? So go pull out your Marie Kondo cape and GET. TO. WORK. Once you get rid of old clothes, old decor, unused makeup, dirty towels/rags, mismatched tupperware, and things that no longer serve you or your house (or those in it), THEN, start on your organization, systems, and schedules. (PS- if you want a deep dive on the topic of cleaning, systematizing, and setting a schedule, grab a seat inside the BMAB Patreon Community!) You’ll immediately gain access to my exact systems for making this whole homemaking thing WORK!

Perform 15 Minute Pickups Throughout Your Day

This tip can be a little tricky because we all have different schedules. First, let’s customize this tip to fit your schedule by setting aside 2-3x 15 minute chunks for “pickups” throughout your day. If you work outside of the home maybe these “pickups” are first thing in the morning while you’re sipping your coffee and listening to an audio version of the bible, or maybe if you stay home during the day, your first “pick up” is when the kid's go down for their first nap. Whatever your day and schedule looks like, block off your time.

Next, set your timer (literally). Grab your phone or punch in 15 minutes on your oven or microwave clock and get to work! Instead of having a strict routine, just pick up areas that are “most dirty” or “most out of place”. This could look like:

  • Sweeping the floors

  • Putting toys back into baskets or bins

  • Wiping down the bathrooms

  • Wiping down the counters

  • Folding and putting away laundry

  • Making beds

  • Putting food away

  • Tidying up the kitchen

Do you see how your daily actions can vary depending on what needs to be done? When you get in the habit of setting aside this time, you’ll be amazed at how much less cluttered and messy your house feels!

Put Yourself Together

There is something SO powerful about putting yourself together 95% of the time. I’m all about having a good no-makeup, hair in a bun, yoga pants kinda day, but friend- there’s something to be said when you take the extra effort to put yourself together everyday physically, mentally, and spiritually. That extra effort will have a great impact on how you show up for your house (and those in it) as well! If you’re on the Blossom After Baby Postpartum Plan, you know how important this concept is! So Momma, here’s what I want you to do-

  1. Go download a copy of Blossom After Baby and start working through this transformative approach to motherhood in order to learn the tools and method that will help you develop systems, routines, and structure within your fitness, nutrition, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  2. Get up earlier. This probably means you’ll have to go to bed earlier… so do it! When you wake up earlier, fill your morning with power boosting habits like working out, reading your bible, taking a shower, putting on clothes and makeup (if makeup is your thing) and getting your attitude and heart right for the day.

  3. Check your heart. Part of mastering the BMAB approach to homemaking is coming at it with a gracious heart. It’s easy to compare our not so perfect home with the perfectly staged pinterest or instagram home from the latest lifestyle blogger and although there is nothing wrong with this… in fact I LOVE following these bloggers for inspiration for my own modern mountain home, it does become a problem when you start to measure your worth or success of homemaking to those around you. Protect your heart, Momma. Be inspired. Be gracious to yourself and honestly (although it sounds corny), just show up and do your best everyday. Some days we’ll CRUSH it and sometimes, well, you and I may not have the cleanest, most organized house on the block…. and that’s okay!

OFF YOU GO! Simplification. 15 minute clean ups. Putting yourself together… you’ve got quite the action plan to get after today, girlfriend! Be sure to let let me know over on instagram what your thoughts are on today’s homemaking message and how your journey is going! If this article was helpful, please share with a friend or pin to your pinterest board if you want to save it for later!


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