What to do when your husband isn’t on board with healthy living… featuring Brian Blossom!

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Inside the BMAB community, we work hard to nourish our hearts and our homes so it may seem counterintuitive to have a husband who is not on board with healthy living, right? 


But friends…. that’s REALITY!

Today I’m brining on my handsome hubby Brian to answer the exact questions you have when it comes to getting your husband on board with healthy living. Go grab your favorite notepad, a fresh cup of coffee and let’s get after it today!


Show him it’s NOT a fad

Think about all the latest diets and weightloss trends on the market today. THEY. ARE. ENDLESS! We are SO over consumed with quick fixes and popular fads that it now has become a common lifestyle to dip into multiple trends instead of sticking with an actual, sustainable lifestyle PLAN. Instead of falling into this trap, YOU need to live and teach by example, showing your husband that the way you now eat and prepare food is not a trend. It’s not a fad. It is YOUR LIFESTYLE and when you consistently create healthy, hearty meals on a regular basis, your family will begin to adapt. {I’ll show you later how to not make it a big ordeal ;) }

Get SMART with your money!

One of the BIGGEST complaints I hear from Moms is that healthy eating is too expensive. I too used to believe this but then I did my research and developed REAL strategic systems around eating healthy while on a budget, guess what… it worked (and still does)!

Here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Make your budget and stick to it every single week. If you’re an abundant motherhood club member, use the budget and meal planning tracker weekly!

  2. Shop on sale

  3. Use Ibotta! (Affiliate)

  4. Shop in season

  5. Shop local

  6. Double up on deals. This is especially true for frozen foods like chicken breasts, veggies, and fruit. If there’s a good deal, double up!

  7. Shop smart! Use services like amazon subscribe and save or if you’re buying in bulk, stores like Costco or Thrive Market to get the most bang for your buck!

  8. Use coupons

Healthy eating can be expensive, but if done right (as I’ve shown you above), it’s actually very affordable, no matter what your budget! Being smart with your money takes effort but I promise you it is SO worth it! If you’re on the Blossom After Baby Postpartum plan, be sure to use the budget tracker in the toolkit section of the program to ensure that you are maximizing every dollar when going food shopping!

Show The Value

Okay, Momma, I know this viewpoint is TOUGH! Infact, many of you inside our private Facebook group asked how to help your husband understand the value in eating healthy and I couldn’t help but remember back to the early days of Brian and I dating. He didn’t eat very healthy (I’m talking McDonalds and Carls Jr. Runs!!) and I probably came in a little too hot with my healthy eating takeover, haha! So, here’s what I suggest:

  • First, lead by example and don’t make a big deal about it! Actions are always going to speak louder than words.

  • Second, start slowly. If you go hog wild on your husband and replace his regular eating routine with green smoothies and kale chips, he will probably not be a fan of your new lifestyle. Begin by amping up the nutrition of your favorite meals (things like casseroles, sauces, dips, etc). The Abundant Motherhood Club is a wonderful place to start! Next, start making subtle substitutions like quinoa or brown rice for white rice, Greek yogurt or non-dairy yogurt for high sugar yogurts, and healthy homemade treats instead of packaged desserts.

  • Lastly, gently educate your husband and your kids about the importance of eating well. It’s not a trend and it’s not a fad. It’s a permanent lifestyle that will give you more energy, better clarity, better skin, better insides, less brain fog and an overall better lifestyle when you make the switch!

You’ve got this, friends! PS- what did you think about Brian’s commentary on today’s podcast?! ;) Let me know in the comments or over on INSTA!



Nourishing yourself and your loved ones doesn’t have to be a hard, strenuous task! It’s all about learning how to cook with healthy substitutions and how to make healthy living fun, fast, and easy!