Everything you need to know about throwing a great birthday party for your kids (without breaking your budget).

Our babies grow SO FAST! Last month my baby boy turned one and I most definitely had all the feels. I shared a lot of BTS over on instagram and today I’ll be sharing more details on this wildly popular topic, talking all about planning and throwing a GREAT party for your kiddos without breaking your budget (THANK YOU AND AMEN)!

This isn’t going to be your typical pinterest spread but rather a lineup of applicable and actionable tips so you can ROCK AND ROLL with that next party of yours!

LISTEN, I LOVE me a good pinterest scroll but the issue I have with Moms using pinterest beyond inspiration or simple how-to’s is when it becomes a comparison meter (one in which we can NEVER live up to) or a standard setter, BOTH of which will cause more stress and unrealistic expectations when it comes to motherhood and raising our children. Should you use pinterest to plan parties? OF COURSE! That is where I got so many fun ideas for Brody’s first birthday! Just be mindful of the reality and expectations you are putting on yourself and your bank account.


Set a Budget.

Yep. You’re going to make Dave Ramsey proud! If you don’t set a budget for yourself, you will be more likely to spend MORE MONEY on things you don’t need. Set a budget and then design your party around THAT BUDGET…. not your budget around your design. ps. I set a budget of $50 for Brody’s birthday and NAILED IT. It can be done, friends! :) (Need a financial health pep talk? I got you girl! Tune in!)

Create Your List of People.

You have to decide what is REALISTIC for you and your family. If you want to invite 25 second graders…. GET. IT. GIRL. For me, that’s not my jam. I’m a less is more kinda girl so I will always create an intimate list of our closest family and friends and call it good. Remember, you don’t have to invite your entire town. Take time to sit down with your children and create a list that is going to be meaningful!

Create The Theme.

There are so many fun and creative themes so go wild here…. the SKY IS YOUR LIMIT! Whether you go for a seasonal theme or the latest kid craze, make sure your theme is genuine and meaningful for your little one and the family!

Once you nail down your theme (we did a “winter one-derland theme” for Brody!), then start thinking of your decor!

Remember your budget and try getting most of your celebratory pieces from amazon, walmart, the dollar store, craft stores like JoAnns or Michaels, and/or items on clearance. I’m all about easy and finding a good deal. Here’s what I bought for an average of $1-5 dollars:

  • Paper cups

  • Paper plates

  • Napkins

  • Balloons

  • Confetti

  • Plastic forks, spoons, and knives

  • Cake mix + ice cream (I’m sharing my ice cream cake recipe AND Brody’s smash cake recipe on today’s podcast which can be found on iTunes or Stitcher!)

  • Streamers

  • Craft paper, markers, + paint

Create The Menu.

OHHH GIRL! You knew this one was coming ;) Let’s just be real- people come to parties for company and for the food. Creating the menu should fall in alignment with the theme you have planned for the party so get creative!

If you’re not careful, food can drain your budget real fast so be smart with what you’re planning and make sure you have a wide array of healthy appetizers, snacks, dips, main dishes, drinks, and of course, sweets! If you’re not already, I highly encourage you to learn more about The Abundant Motherhood Club- an online recipe resource that allows buys Moms to cook up healthy dishes in a pinch with minimal time and minimal budget needed! For Brody’s birthday I made the hearty chili recipe (packed full of protein and veggies) for our guests and used it as a side to a baked potato bar! DIY bars are awesome for big groups of people- whether you do a pizza, taco, pasta bar, etc.. they’re easy to customize and super fun!

ENJOY The Party

AHH! At last! It’s party time! There is SO much that goes into planning, creating, and hosting a party (trust me, I was the mad woman cleaning frantically for 24 hours prior to the big day, LOL). Remember that the whole purpose of a party is not to impress people but instead gather with those that you love, celebrating and cherishing the special occasion!

When you take the burden off yourself to have the pinterest perfect party and are intentional with how you plan and execute the big day, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy more instead of worrying about things that don’t really matter.

Now I want to hear from YOU! Let me know in our private Facebook group how you plan on applying these PARTY tips to your life! Also, if you have a Mom friend who would be blessed by this article, please pass it on to her.



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