The BEST Busy Mommas Snack with Fage Total Split Cups

This post is sponsored by FAGE. as usual~all options are my own!

If you’re anything like me, being a Mom means you’re balancing kids, mom life, and healthy living every single day! Since becoming a Mom, I have learned first hand the importance of being healthy and strong, both for myself and my children. I know that when I’m exercising, practicing self-care, and nourishing my body well, I feel better from the inside and outside!

In addition to these daily routines, I’ve honed in on my nutrition over the past year, increasing my intake of healthy snacks and adding new favorites like the FAGE TOTAL SPLIT CUP for energy, nourishment and vitality!


FAGE SPLIT CUPS are a delicious, rich and creamy Greek yogurt snack that are 100% Blossoming Mommy And Baby approved and yes… toddler approved as well! ;) These cups come in 0%, 2%, or 5% Whole Milk options and have many different fruit and plain yogurt combos to choose from! Lately I’ve been loving the strawberry and peach flavors. I like to pour the entire fruit mixture into my yogurt, then swirl the creamy blend with my spoon and top it with fresh berries and, of course, a hint of granola for the perfect mom snack! Brian on the other hand likes to dip his yogurt ever so slightly into the fruit mixture as he enjoys his Split Cup… So it’s the best of both worlds in the Blossom house!

The FAGE TOTAL SPLIT CUPS are great for busy Moms. Whether I’m packing for Brody’s swim lessons, heading out to run errands, or setting up at the Blossoming Mommy And Baby HQ for business meetings, the FAGE TOTAL SPLIT CUP makes it easy and quick to have a healthy, low sugar and protein packed snack… which is exactly what this Momma needs!


The FAGE TOTAL SPLIT CUP is ideal for us busy Mommas because they’re healthy and portable, which makes it easy for us to throw in our diaper bags or purses for a morning, mid-day, or evening treat. PLUS there is 30% less sugar now in the FAGE TOTAL SPLIT CUPS, making it the perfect snack without a sugar crash!

Momma, I know you are working hard on your health and wellness so KEEP IT UP!! Your kids need you to be fueling your body and eating well so you can in return be the healthy, happy Mom that I know you are!

Don’t add the extra stress into your life wondering what your next healthy snack should be. I spent many years struggling with poor food choices which left me feeling lethargic, bloated, and hungry. This is one of the many reasons of why it is SO important to have a healthy, protein packed snack like FAGE TOTAL SPLIT CUP (with 30% less sugar!!).


Now it’s time to take action, Momma! No matter how full your schedule gets, keep that refrigerator stocked and full of your new favorite yogurt snacks for the perfect, healthy treat so you can continue to live and lead an active, strong, and healthy lifestyle!

PS- I want to see how you FAGE and, of course… which flavors YOU choose! (Strawberry is my absolute FAVORITE!) Make sure you snap a pic and tag me @blossomingmommyandbaby and @fage over on INSTA so we can all get our FAGE on!

Cheers, Momma (*clinks the spoonful of yogurt ;) )