How To Avoid These 5 Marriage Mistakes


Let’s get real, Momma.

A lot of marriages today are in need of some major TLC. If you’ve ever wondered how you can better your marriage, today’s article is for you! I’ll be sharing my top (and personal :) ) tips for cultivating an intentional marriage~ one full of life, happiness, and abundance!

We’re going to get after it today, my friends and I hope you walk away feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take action on improving your relationship with your husband because y’all… that is the BEST thing that we can do!

When you and I put in the work (yes… a healthy, thriving marriage takes WORK!), new life will be breathed into your mindset and approach to how you and your hubby do marriage together!

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Whoop! There it is! Ya knew that one was coming, right?! Nagging is super obnoxious. Think about it… how do you like it when someone (errr… your kids) nag you? It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting and probably makes you feel like you don’t want to comply with the request.

Solution: Observe how often you nag your husband. Do you nag him the moment he walks home from work? Do you nag him after the kids go to bed? What nagging tendencies do you have? Once you identify how you nag and how often you are nagging, THEN it’s time to get to work! In order to change this habit, be intentional with how you communicate. Work on developing clear communication skills and expectations and remember that you and your husband are a TEAM.

Putting your husband on the back burner!

The moment I became a Mom I realized how easy it was to let #momlife takeover. With everything pulling at our attention (i.e. kids, the house, bills, errands, work, etc), it’s easy to get swept away in the tasks and agenda of everyday life which only becomes a problem when you begin to neglect your hubby and vice versa.

Solution: Be intentional with the efforts you are putting into your marriage! Learn to appreciate the little things again and DO those little things for your husband. Things like texting throughout the day, planning a regular date night, and cooking up your hubby’s favorite healthy dinner are all great places to start! We can always have an excuse of being “too busy” or allowing for that “disconnected feeling” to be the new norm. DON’T. Work hard to having a thriving marriage because if you’re not fighting for your marriage, who is?

Neglecting your own health!

Wait… I thought this was on marriage? (It is, girl.) If you are super overhwlemd with motherhood and continue to drown in the abyss, first, I recommend you download a free copy of my Overwhelmed Mom’s Reset Guide then come on back and let’s talk about your health.

Your health matters. When you’re stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and not taking time to care for yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, how are you going to pour into your marriage? You can’t pour from an empty cup, Momma!

Solution: Start being intentional with your personal care today. When you show up each day and make good decisions with the foods you put in your body, when you exercise throughout the week, and when you take time to ground yourself in God’s truth, your life will begin to change instrumentally! Don’t wait! Start making these little, subtle, lifestyle shifts TODAY. Speaking of TODAY, I’d LOVE to get you started on the right path! For a complete overhaul to your mom life learn more about the Blossom After Baby Program, HERE!


Whether you’re passively aggressive or overly aggressive, neither is going to serve you well in your marriage. Overtime, you’ll become bitter, angry, resentful, and maybe even a bit closed off to your spouse.

Solution: Baby steps! Think about how important it is to cultivate a loving and life-giving marriage! Sit down with your husband and talk about how you can make this your new reality! Don't worry, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies at the Blossom house, ha! But friends! Brian and I are intentional with how we communicate and what we want our marriage to look like! If anger and aggression is a tendency of yours (or your husband), then acknowledge it and work through it together!

Obsessive Habits!

Social media, scrolling online, shopping, working out, the list goes on! Think of one or two areas in your life where you are spending too much time, energy, and attention on things that are not bringing you any value. If not caught early, these habits can slowly takeover, robbing you of your attention and relationships with those that you love!

Solution: Acknowledge these “obsessive” unhealthy habits in YOUR life and list out how much time you are spending here. Next, be intentional with setting boundaries in these areas of your life and stick to it! Little steps each day amount to great change!



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Mommas, don’t ever forget how much of a gift your marriage is! No matter where you are on your journey, please know I am here for you, rooting you on as you work to pour life and abundance into that precious marriage of yours! Let me know in our private Facebook group how you plan on applying these tips to your life and come connect with me over on INSTAGRAM so I can see these tips in action!