The One Device That Changed My Fertility Journey With Baby #2 

Infertility can be a long, uncertain, and emotional roller coaster… and in all honesty, it’s one that I know all too well. 

Before getting pregnant with my first son Brody, I journeyed long and hard for 2.5 years in hopes of getting pregnant with our little miracle. You can imagine the fear I felt when we decided it was time to grow our little family again, right?  I was so terrified of having to walk through a dark season of infertility that I made sure to do everything in my power to optimize my chances of conception. 

For me, this looked like nailing down my nutrition and supplementation, stress management, and tracking my fertility to a tee. 


After weeding through tons of fertility and tracking apps, I knew the moment I saw OvuSense I found EXACTLY what I was looking for. OvuSense is a sensor and app combination that measures and records your core body temperature. It was designed to help predict your ovulation up to 24 hours in advance, using your current cycle data. It is LITERALLY everything you need in one device and I am convinced the sensor and app helped us get pregnant after using it for just ONE MONTH!!! 


OvuSense was an absolute GAME CHANGER this time around because it helped me better understand my body and nail down the optimal window for conceiving instead of just guessing- which is what I did in the past! I am also very irregular with my cycles, so being able to track, see trends, record specific things like my medication start and end dates, how I was feeling on certain days, and important fertility details like cervical mucus, cramping, and any other symptoms I was having was SO HELPFUL (and so nice to have all in one spot :))! 

If you are currently trying to conceive, you should be doing more than just tracking your cycle… and friend, this is why OvuSense was created- so you can gain back control over your fertility! 

Here’s How it Works (and why I love it so much!!) 

  1. The OvuSense sensor is inserted vaginally overnight (while you’re sleeping) and records your core body temperature every 5 minutes while you sleep. The sensor is made from medical grade silicone and inserts just like a tampon.

  2. The next morning, you remove the sensor. Wash the sensor off and record your data into the OvuSense app on your phone. 

  3. As you continue to update your temperatures, you’ll soon see a graph collection of data that shows your temperature curve and the projected level of your progesterone, which then will help you to see when your fertile window and ovulation confirmation are! 

OvuSense was designed by clinicians for women like you and I to use both at home and in the clinic (I was able to share my results with my doctor!) and should help improve your chances of a successful conception.  

With OvuSense, you never have to feel alone. In fact, they have a private member support group, 24/7 technical support, and fertility nurse consultation sessions JUST FOR WOMEN LIKE ME AND YOU!! 

Mommas, I can’t tell you where I’d be without my OvuSense sensor and app. It helped me track everything and told me exactly when my fertile window was and voilà! We got preggers! It has been transformational for growing my family and I know it will be for you too! 

It’s time for you to stress less and get on to growing your precious family! 

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This post is sponsored by OvuSense. Opinions are ALWAYS my own! 

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