Cleaning Tips, Tricks, & Strategy (for when you’re totally overwhelmed)


Are you overwhelmed with the state of your house? Drowning in laundry and dishes? Momma, this one’s for you!!! I hope these words can serve equal parts encouragement and  practical help!

Here are my best tips, tricks, and strategies for cleaning even when you’re super overwhelmed:

Just jump in

Instead of waiting for the perfect circumstance to clean, just jump IN! Doing something (yes, even if it’s just 1 load of laundry out of 10) is better than doing nothing at all.

Take it one room at a time

I suggest tackling either the messiest space OR your main space FIRST! Girl, you are going to crush it 💪💪 After you finish your first room, you’re going to feel sooo accomplished that you will take that momentum and run with it through the rest of your home.  

Ask for help

I know... you’ve heard this plenty of times before. Before you scroll past this tip, I want to remind you: help is out there. On an almost daily basis I hear from moms who are trying to do it all, all by themselves. You are not a burden on your friends and family and asking for help does not mean you are a failure! It means you’re HUMAN. Give yourself so.much.grace.

Here are some practical ways that you can ask for help:

  • Hire a babysitter or ask friends/family to watch the kids while you clean.

  • Have a real talk with your hubby. Where can he help? Remember: your husband can’t read your mind. If you haven’t shared with him that you’re overwhelmed and need help, there is a legit chance that he doesn’t know!

  • Cook easy meals and utilize shortcuts while you’re getting caught up... think sheet pan dinners, crockpot meals, and paper plates. If you’re needing more inspiration in the kitchen, join us over in the Abundant Motherhood Club! I keep my recipes easy, healthy, and delicious 🍽

Ok, girlfriend... repeat after me: I GOT THIS! I’m going to lay out a realistic, step by step strategy to get you rockin and rollin! Work this plan until you’re caught up! It might take you one day or one week or one month. Either way, you got this!!!

Step one:

Start 1 load of laundry & 1 load of dishes.

Step two:

Decide which room you’re going to attack first! Grab a laundry basket and collect all items in the room that belong somewhere else and set it aside. Tidy up the room you’re in by putting everything where it should be.

Step three:

Now that the room is picked up, wipe surfaces and clean floors.

Step four:

Repeat! Pick the next room and run steps two & three. Make sure you take your laundry basket of stuff with you and fill/unload in each room. Continue doing laundry and dishes until you catch up, but be realistic! Instead than overwhelming yourself with trying to tackle 5 loads of laundry in one day, do 1-2 loads per day from start to finish until you are caught up.

Voila, mama! I truly hope that these tips & tricks help you to get back on track! I’d LOVE to hear from you! Comment below or join me over on Instagram.


~ Jennifer

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