6 Things You MUST DO When a Bubble Bath Won’t Fix Your #momstress!

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Mom life. 

We’re consumed with the idea that being a Mom means we’re always running on empty and juggling a million things at once to meet the needs of everyone else and the home. Although there is SOME truth to this, WE as millennial Mommas have got to stick together to put an end to the craziness that is flying through motherhood in an overwhelmed, overcommitted, and over tired state of being. I want you to create a motherhood that is meaningful and to truly be present and full of LIFE for your children! And momma... ya can’t do this if you’re falling into the modern trends and pressures that society is putting on Moms today. 

So here’s the rundown! 

A one bubble bath a week while enjoying your favorite glass of wine or tea mindset is NOT going to fix your motherhood. Although there is nothing wrong with this (in fact I highly recommended it and will touch on this topic later!), its really all about discovering what you can do on a regular basis to establish healthy and holistic lifestyle practices that are REALISTIC for your #momlife….AND that are going to help you manage your stress, emotions, and wellbeing throughout the days and weeks! 

In order to better manage your stress and emotions as a busy Mom, just remember this simple term trust me… you’ll never forget it ;) C-O-F-F-E-E.

Center in on your self-awareness

I know you’ve heard this tip a MILLION and one times, but are you REALLY applying it to your life? Honestly ask yourself how often you truly take time to checkin with yourself throughout your day. Inside Grounded + Glowing, I teach my students to develop what I like to call “glow pockets” throughout the day. Glow pockets are simply an opportunity for you to intentionally create space to breath and touch back in with your own needs instead of ignoring them. It’s really easy as a busy Momma to put your needs on the back burner, so I want to challenge you to prioritize this portion of your mom health! Try visualizing how your kids and husband see you. What do they experience when they’re around “Mom”? How do you show up each day for them? Are you anxious? Grumpy? Angry? Yelling? Are you relaxed and pleasant? Is your home stressful? Is it life-giving? Just some additional points for you to ponder and work on! :)

Own the pace of your life


If you’ve ever caught yourself trying to keep up with the Kardashians… you’re not alone. Today’s culture is OBSESSED with an over committed, over connected, and overly busy kinda life. Meetings. Classes. Sports. Concerts. Commitments… we have this super intense FEAR OF MISSING OUT.. like somehow our kids childhood is going to be perfect if we say no to a play date. Momma… CHILL. It’s so important to not get sucked into this way of life. Busyness is a false badge of honor. It doesn’t make any of us more important or more connected. In fact, I believe that busyness causes more stress, tension and burnout in homes today than ever before. Please, hear my heart- take time to intentionally cultivate slowness into your motherhood. Get out in nature DAILY. Unplug from social media. Have social boundaries. Create a safe space in your home for your children to just be. You know who does this really, really well? Joanna Gaines. Take note! BUSY IS NOT BEST.

You know who does this really, really well? Joanna Gaines. Take note! BUSY IS NOT BEST.

 Fix your cluttered mind

Raise your hand if your brain literally goes A MILLION miles an hour…. if ya raised it, welcome to the club! Mom life is NOT short of all. the. things… but it doesn’t mean that we have to run around like crazy each day, both internally and externally! So, here’s what I want you to do: every morning (or the night before which is actually what I prefer!), do a brain dump. Get a big yellow notepad or your planner and write down all scheduled appointments, kid’s schedules, your schedule, to-dos, errands, grocery lists, and anything else you have commitments to. When we can get everything out of our mind and onto paper it frees up more energy and space in our mind! NO MONKEY MIND! This ping-pong like thinking causes stress and cluttered thinking.

Figure out your rhythms and routines


If you’re a Momma on the Blossom After Baby Postpartum Plan, you know we love us a GOOOOD rhythm and routine. In fact, when you develop these in your life EVERYTHING will run so. much. smoother. There are 5 areas of your Motherhood that I’d like to see you develop a rhythm and/or routine to to truly optimize your wellness! These areas are:

  1. Food + Meal Prep (Need help here? Access the healthiest + quickest meals for Mommas here!

  2. Fitness

  3. Homemaking

  4. Spiritual

  5. Emotional + Relational

Rhythms and routines help create structure in your motherhood. They take discipline to learn but when you can apply them to your life, you’ll be AMAZED at the space you can create and the ENERGY you feel!

Enforce personal development

Personal development is not just for medical professionals or entrepreneurs! Personal development from Moms is something I am passionate about advocating for because there is ALWAYS room for us to grow as humans! Try brainstorming different topics that you are passionate about~whether it’s home decor, natural living, homemaking, marriage, emotional fitness… girls- the options are limitless! Download books, go to the library, read blogs, or tune into your favorite podcasts so you can GROW personally and professionally every single week!

Execute date nights + Mom moments!

Lastly…. date nights and Mom moments still matter!! Just because you’re a Mom doesn’t mean you should neglect your marriage and you time! Find what works for you and your family and prioritize it! Go on regular date nights with your hubby and take time for yourself every single day. Whether it’s soaking in a warm bubbly bath, reading your latest book, or learning how to knit cozy blankets… you still need to do things that make you, YOU! In doing so, you’ll be a better, more charged Motherhood because of it! And that, my friends is how YOU create a meaningful Motherhood :).

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