Inspired Secrets for Cultivating Homemaking into YOUR Home

Okay, Mommas! You know I'm ALL about teaching YOU how to live with ultimate HEALTH + VITALITY.. but did you know that it's also important to show and cultivate this same kind of energy into your home?! It's TRUE! It sets the tone and energy for those around you and might just be a little easier than you thought :)

Print of these LUSH tips below and get to homemaking! Excited for your homes. Mean it! XOXO

My top Inspired Secrets for Cultivating Homemaking into YOUR Home!

  • Fresh Flowers: Never underestimate the power of a good bouquet of flowers! Whether you opt for fresh or silk, there’s something so uplifting and LIFE GIVING about flowers in the home. I’d recommend placing a fresh bouquet in your main living area or kitchen and then having silk bouquets or silk greenery throughout your home. Not only are you bringing a piece of the outdoors, in, but you’re also providing a sense of calm and serenity. Make a weekly tradition out of getting fresh flowers! I get mine every Friday  Now go Momma!

  • Welcoming Treats: These can be for your guests or the souls that reside within your walls, point being, get a creative bowl (or two!) and fill will yummy + healthy treats like chocolate covered almonds, organic nuts, seeds, or dried fruit. Not only is this a fantastic way to grab a healthy snack, but it also displays a cozy touch of hospitality. Store your bowls on the kitchen counter or dining room table!

  • Encouragement: Are your walls filled with encouragement? This is SUCH a fun piece to remind you of- the power of your walls! Get creative with how you want to share encouragement with your family. Is it through scripture and your favorite bible verses? Maybe it’s a favorite quote or an art piece that has sentimental value… whatever is inspiring and encouraging for your family… get it on the way! I recommend going to ETSY, home goods, TJ Maxx, or Hobby Lobby for FABULOUS + Fairly priced pieces from frames to wall decor! Your home will speak words of life!!

  • Letter Boards: Another fun way to show encouragement is through letter boards! Feel free to put a board in each child’s room, your bedroom, the bathrooms, or maybe on the fire mantel. Whatever speaks to your heart… DO IT! Scroll Pinterest for encouraging and uplifting quotes or create your own personalized love notes each week for your family :).

  • Candles: So cozy. Candles add such a delicate touch to any and every space. I recommend using a combo of both battery operated and real candles (or one or the other). Depending on if you have littles or not, just make a safe decision! Add candles to book cases, mantles, table runners, bathrooms, the master bedroom, and kitchen. They’re an incredible way to add LOVE to any room.

  • Cozy Throws + Baskets: This might just be one of my favorite suggestions for you Mommas! Adding cozy blankets and baskets to your home has an instant “Welcome Home” Vibe. Keep extra blankets rolled in cute wicker baskets and lightly folded over couch or chair ends. You’ll be tempted to curl up in a warm blanket and cozy in with a good book anytime of year  AND your kiddos will too!

We want to see your GORGEOUS creations! After applying these tips  snap a pic and upload to social! Then tag us, @blossomingmommyandbaby so we can see! XO!