2018 BMAB Must Read's


Hey there, gorgeous! As we wrap up 2018, I wanted to create a list for you of this year’s MUST reads from our blog. Whether it’s over on Instagram, my podcast, or here on the blog, I LOVE to share with you mommas! It is my hope and prayer that everything we do here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby helps you build the meaningful motherhood that you were meant to live. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these 2018 BMAB Must Reads :)

1. What I learned from Fad Dieting, Binge Eating, and Exercise Anorexia

I tackle this touchy subject HEAD ON with my experience from fad dieting, binge eating, and exercise anorexia. More specifically, I’ll be sharing what I learned from this difficult season in my life and what this means for YOU and YOUR mindset and lifestyle choices.

2. Unique AND Budget Friendly Ideas to Date Your Spouse

A strong marriage is the foundation of the home and is how we teach our children about love, respect, and healthy relationships. I share FOUR budget friendly ideas to date your spouse that are unique Blossoming Mommy and Baby approved date your spouse ideas.

3. Are You a Momma With Low Self-Confidence? Do These 5 Things!

Do you find yourself struggling with low-self confidence or low self-esteem? If so you’re not alone. Over the past 5 years of running BMAB, this is truly one of the most underling questions and struggles women come to me for help with.

4. If You Want To Be Happier, STOP Doing These 5 Things!

Happiness… it’s an inside job, right? TOTALLY. And a job that many of us as modern day Mommas NEGLECT on the regular. Check out these 5 things that you need to STOP doing!

5. Controlling the Laundry- Tips for keeping YOUR laundry under control + my MUST HAVE *SAFE* laundry products!

Mom life = LAUNDRY! Soooo much laundry!!! I’m sharing all about the Blossom House addresses laundry including the BEST tip (from our amaaaazing Chief of Staff Courtney!) to not getting overwhelmed in this area :)  

6. Ask Jenni: How To Stay Positive As A Parent in a NEGATIVE World

It would be SO easy to let yourself get stuck in a negative state of mind, but that wouldn’t be any fun! Here’s my take on how to stay positive, sista!

7. Cultivating Mindfulness and Stillness as a Busy Mom

If you think stillness + motherhood don’t go together, you’re wrong! Mommas, don’t skip over this just because you’re busy. Cultivating mindfulness and stillness in your life is crucial for your mental health!

8. Become an EXPERT at controlling YOUR Chaos and Kid’s Schedules

I share some of my best practices for keeping the chaos at bay (on most days ) and truly stepping into a home and rhythm of life that truly FLOWS.

9. 6 Practical Ways to Add MEANING to Motherhood!

Don’t wait on the BIG moments to make your motherhood journey feel meaningful! Creating a meaningful, purpose filled motherhood isn’t some far off dream… It’s for you, today!

10. The Dangers of a Distracted Motherhood

Busyness and Motherhood goes hand in hand and if we are not careful, our busyness will turn into distractions which ultimately rob us of experiencing Motherhood to its fullest! Don’t skip this one, momma <3

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