From Frumpy to Fabulous in 10 minutes!

Hey sweet Momma!

I received a DM on instagram last week from a fellow Momma asking for help in the frumpiness department. Immediately I thought to myself, “Yep! Been there!”

The mom bun. The 2 day old yoga pants. The “I don’t have time to put myself together mindset…”

Is this you, girl?! If so, please know that 99.9% of ALL Moms have been there! The beautiful thing is that there IS a way out  and I’m going to unpack this for you in a way that is inspiring, relatable, REALISTIC, and meaningful so you can show up for yourself and your kids to the best of your ability each and every day!

After I had my first born Brody, I immediately realized how HARD it was to find the motivation to actually get dressed, do my hair, and look somewhat presentable for the day. In fact, the first 3 weeks of Brody’s life I wore a brushless scraggly bun on the tippy top of my head, had milk stained college t-shirts, and wore the loosest fitting yoga pants I could find. Showers every other day? You bet. Another round of Gilmore Girls? ON IT.  I wasn’t leaving the house so what did it matter? Why should I take care of myself? No one is going to see me…

This way of thinking began to pollute my approach to Motherhood and then IT happened. My light bulb moment. While heating up a cold cup of coffee I asked myself…”is this it? Is this really the mom life you’ve always dreamed of? Do you feel good about yourself when you’re living this way?”

My answer? “No”.

What I discovered after my first month postpartum quite frankly changed my approach and outlook on Motherhood FOREVER and I know it will change yours too. After I topped off my now warm coffee with some almond milk vanilla creamer, I quickly got to work. (Blossom After Baby started to take off immediately after this AHHA moment!)

I was not about to lose myself in Motherhood. I realized in this moment that how I showed up for myself everyday genuinely impacted how I showed up for others, my children, and my home.

Seems crazy, right? I thought so too but I started to really dislike the way I was feeling emotionally, spiritually, and physically when I rolled around my house in old workout gear, a sloppy bun, and no makeup.

So, when Brody turned exactly one month old,I took it upon myself to make the change. It was up to ME to show up for myself and in doing so I slowly found myself becoming a better Mom and a better wife because of it.

You see, Mommas~ when we take care of ourselves, when we do our hair, put on some mascara, put on an actual outfit, and SMILE, our confidence goes up. We like the way we look. We like the way we feel. We’re more inspired to be more productive both in our homes and with our children.

It may seem silly, but I promise a small change to your routine will have an incredibly positive impact on your ability to confidently show up for your MOM LIFE!

Now, please hear me… I’m not saying to cake on the makeup, plaster a smile on  your face, wear a perfectly planned pinterest outfit and VIOLA.. Your mom life rocks… I’m talking about simply showing up for yourself in small ways each and everyday. Those small, daily wins are what amount to your big lifestyle shifts overtime.

When you do this, you are also showing your kids how important it is to take care and respect themselves as well! (You go gir!!)


So, here’s my down and dirty (QUIIIICK action plan for you!) to get rid of your frumpy look in 10 minutes!! Try it for a week and let me know how you feel afterwards :) I promise, those tiny little steps will make a huge difference in how you feel and carry yourself!

  • Wear real clothes (Time: 2 min). I’m a fitness junky so challenging myself to not wear workout gear everyday is HARD but I always feel so much better if I’m in street clothes. It doesn’t have to be fancy or from Nordstroms. If you need to, do a closet purge and let go of clothes that don’t serve you or don’t fit anymore, THEN go to your local consignment store and pick out a few new things for yourself. Figure out what makes you feel good! For me this is a pair of skinny jeans and a nice sweater or blouse.

  • Do your hair (Time: 3-4 min). Okay, SOOOO many of you have asked about this one and for those of us who are not blessed with perfectly behaved hair (raising my hand!), here’s my solution: shower the night before and STRAIGHTEN or curl your hair. Then, the next morning, you can workout and shower, just don’t get your hair wet. All you need now after your shower is a little dry shampoo, a touch up curl or flat iron and viola! I will typically not wash my hair for 2 days, then by day 3 it becomes a little greasy so I’ll wash it and repeat the process! You can also get creative and throw in some clips, braids, or cute ballerina buns!

  • Have an everyday makeup look (Time: 4-5 min). I looooooove this tip because a little goes a long way! For my everyday look I like to wear a nice liquid foundation, liquid blush, a little concealer if I have big dark circles (hello mom life!), liquid eye liner, mascara, a dab of neutral eye shadow (on some days), and a little lip gloss. I’ve perfected my makeup routine to under 5 minutes now and you can too! I always have 1 day a week where I wear NO MAKEUP so my face can breath and by all means, if you’re a no makeup girl, OWN IT, MOMMA! True beauty is from within but there’s nothing wrong with putting a little somethin’ somethin’ on if it makes you feel pretty :)


Hey GORGEOUS, Momma!

If these tips today really encouraged your Momma heart today, you’ll absolutely LOVE this blueprint I created overwhelmed Moms! Let me help you discover what it’s like to REFRESH + REVIVE your Mom Life!

So, there you have it! The last thing I want you to do is SMILE! When we smile, our soul lightens and we truly spread more love to those around us! Plus, when you smile, you’re happier and we all know the world needs more of that!

I want you to apply this frumpy-less approach to YOUR mom life, sister! You deserve to feel your healthiest and happiest and this is an excellent way to start! If you want to take your Mom life one step further and discover my secrets from overcoming overwhelm and survival mode for GOOD, I’ve compiled all my tips + tricks for you for a Motherhood, mindset, and body refresh kit here!

You’ve got this, Momma and you deserve to show up for yourself. Creating and living a meaningful motherhood is a choice and I promise… it’s worth every second.

Let me know in the comments below or over on instagram how it goes after your 7 days, I can’t wait to see you Momma!!


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