The What Moms REALLY Want Gift Guide

EEEEK! It’s *OFFICIALLY* the most wonderful time of the year!!! Whether you’re making your own wish list or searching for what to get the momma bear in your life, we’ve got you covered! Husbands: if your wifey slyly sent you this list… go ahead and take the hint!

1. Get her car detailed

Chances are the mommymobile needs a good, thorough cleaning. MAJOR bonus points if you also clean the car seat(s)!!!

2. Abundant Motherhood Club Subscription

Take the guesswork out of finding healthy recipes and DIY remedies! A subscription to the Abundant Motherhood Club gets you access to my carefully curated arsenal of recipes and remedies!

3. Deep Clean the House!

Okay, we’re not asking you to clean it yourself (unless you’re up for that!). Hire a cleaning company for a one time deep clean! The only thing better than a clean house is a clean house that you didn’t have to clean yourself!

4. Massage!

A professional one! Book it, pay for it in advance, and plan to take care of the kid(s).

5. 365 Thank You’s

Momming can feel like a thankless job. Write down a thank you for each day of the year! From making dinner to changing diapers to her joyful smile, there is SO much you can say thank you for!

6. Girl’s Night Out!

Coordinate with her friend’s hubbies to schedule AND plan a GNO! Put a date on the calendar, buy gift cards, and, if you want to get real fancy, get her a new outfit ;)

7. Insulated Coffee Mug

Cold coffee is just a fact of the #momlife! Using a travel mug like this one will keep that coffee niiiiiice and HOT! (affiliate)

8. Blossom After Baby

For the new or expecting momma, support is K E Y. Get this downloadable postpartum plan to make the post baby period SO much better + easier for everyone involved. BONUS POINTS if you read through it and take the lead on being her #1 support!

9. Anything to Make Life EASIER!

What is a problem that she’s had lately? If you can solve it with a purchase… Do it!

  • Make meal time easier with an Instant Pot (affiliate)

  • Simplify her scheduling with a planner (affiliate)

  • Make meal planning more fun with a chalkboard display (affiliate)

  • Up her smoothie game with my personal fav, the Blendtec! (affiliate)

10. Mommy Retreat!

Book a hotel for her ALONE for one night! For fun, throw in a few of her fav treats, a blank journal (affiliate), and some cozy PJ’s to set her up for a night of rest and refreshment!

Are any of these treats on YOUR wish list? Let us know what you would add in the comments or by tagging @blossomingmommyandbaby on Facebook or Instagram!