3 Questions to Ask Your Kids Every Single Day

We LOVE routines and rituals here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby. Whether it’s my signature laundry routine or your habit of daily time with God (If you’re struggling to have your quiet time read THIS), there is something so comforting about the consistency that routines bring to our lives. Here is a simple, 3 question routine to foster relationship and connection with your kiddos, from toddlerhood and beyond!  


1. What are you thankful for?

We are ALL about gratitude! Gratitude is the fuel to a glowing, abundant life!  As VITAL as it is for us mommas to be thankful, it is also important to raise up our children in the same way. This simple question has the power to foster many sweet talks between you and your little as they share the precious things they are thankful for! I talk more about cultivating gratitude in your home here.

2. What was your favorite part of your day?

It is so much FUN when kids begin to identify their daily BEST! The answer to this question might surprise you some days when they choose a simple moment over bigger moments of the day. OH how fun it is to peek inside a child’s sweet heart!  

3. What did you learn today?

This simple question will give you sooo much insight on how your kiddo viewed their challenges of the day. Some days, the answer might be, “nothing!” Other days, the answer will be a peek into their amazing minds.

There you have it, momma! 3 sweet and simple questions to ask your littles on the daily :) At Blossoming Mommy and Baby, we are rooting for YOU! Don’t do this #momlife thing alone. If haven’t already, hop on over and join our private Facebook group! It’s totally FREE and filled with amazing women just like you.