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This post is sponsored by Aeroflow. as usual~all options are my own!

Well, Mommas!

It's hard to believe that Mr. Brody is already 10 months old! I know you all told me this whole Motherhood thing was going to go fast... but I didn't realize it was going to go this fast! I find myself yearning to savor every beautiful, exhausting, and life-giving moment on this crazy ride! How about you??

Reflecting back on my first year as a mother, I can surely say that some of the most enjoyable and memorable moments have been breastfeeding Brody. To date, I am 10 months going strong and plan to breastfeed and pump until he is at least 12 months old.

I have been breastfeeding and pumping since month 1 and have learned quite a few things since starting this milk making journey! ;) For starters, here's a glimpse into my background~ outside of the home, I work two days a week as an Occupational Therapist. On these days (Wednesday and Friday), Brian will drop Brody off with his Grandpa~ armed and loaded with 2 full bottles of my breastmilk!

I am typically pumping 4 days a week and up to 7 days a week if we are traveling! If you're a pumping Momma, you and I both know it can feel like a full-time job in itself, so making sure that we have the right gear is SO important! This is why I am thrilled to introduce you to Aeroflow!

DSC06283 (1).jpg

Before using my NEW FAVORITE breast pump (The Motif Duo) I had a breast pump that required me to be glued to the power outlet and lugged around what felt like 5 pounds of gear EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Don't get me wrong, it got the job done, but the ease and simplicity of the Motif Duo was literally life changing for this busy Momma!

First~ can we all just swoon over the chic design?! The Motif Duo is lightweight (less than 1 pound!!), portable, and very quiet- making it easy for me to pump out at the pool and at home. I also love that the pump is battery operated so if I'm traveling for an event or a family getaway, I can do a quick pumping session in the passenger seat or plane and don't have to worry about finding a power outlet! (YAY :))

IF YOU'RE A MOMMA ON THE GO..... The Motif Duo is an absolute MUST for you! You'll love how light, quiet, and portable this beauty is! I never knew a breast pump could be so cute ;)! Whether you're preparing lunches in the kitchen or need to throw the motif duo into your purse for an on the go meeting, your new, tech-savvy approach to breastfeeding will turn your dreaded pumping sessions into a simple and effortless experience!

You can read up on all the great features like the 3 expression modes + 10 customizable expression levels, memory function, massage/expression mode,  speed/vacuum levels, massage/expression time and more HERE!

DSC06245 (1).jpg

If you're on the go this Holiday season (and let's just be honest... every season to come!)- the motif duo is my #1 recommended portable breast pump for all modern Mommas! It has made my on-the-go life essentially hassle free! On the note of traveling and being on the go this Holiday season... below I've got my top 5 pumping tips for the busy, on the go Momma to make your travels effortless and enjoyable!

  1. Use a large bag (similar to a freezer ziploc bag) to keep all your parts and pieces together! (This ensures nothing is lost and is quick to grab and go for you!)

  2. Keep sterilizing or disinfecting wipes on hand and give your gear a good wipe down after each pump to keep all your pumping pieces clean!

  3. Have a good hands free nursing bra and cover to keep your hands free and to be privacy modest!

  4. Have an insulated lunch pale, ice packs, and milk baggies to keep your breastmilk chilled~ later you can transfer to a freezer or feed to your little as appropriate! Just remember that your breastmilk will go bad quickly if you don't take care of it!

  5. Ensure you have the motif duo pump and your battery is fully charged for a quick, quiet, and transportable pumping session!

Now go, Mommas! I can't tell you how nice it is to sip coffee or tea, fold laundry, type notes, complete computer work, travel...... basically do #momlife all while pumping :) Get your motif duo today! Your breast pumping game will be forever changed! Lastly, some insurances do qualify for a motif pump! Be sure to advocate for yourself and call your insurance provider to see if you can get your pump covered!