You’ll NEVER look at changing diapers the same after reading this…

Hey there, gorgeous! How many diapers do you think you’ve changed since you became a momma? Let’s say you change a minimum of 5 per day for 2 years... 5 x 730 = 3,650 diaper changes!! WOAH! That’s 3,650 moments with your kiddo. Ok, so maybe you don’t change EVERY diaper… But If you are looking for moments to sprinkle in meaning to your day, HERE IT IS! Literally THOUSANDS of opportunities. Just imagine if geared up and took these opportunities for all their worth… WOW! Here are 3 ways to take FULL advantage of the hidden opportunity in changing diapers~


1. Chat

Build language skills by sportscasting each step as you go through the diaper changing process. Talk about colors around the room. As your child gets older, use this time to chat about favorite colors, how the day is going, or what your next activity will be.

2. Speak life

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Proverbs 18:21

Your baby is NEVER too young to receive life giving words spoken over them. Speak to their identity as a daughter or son of Jesus, speak scripture over them (Use these as a starting point - Numbers 6:24-26, Psalm 5:12, Isaiah 44:3, Acts 16:31, Galatians 5:13). Take this time to speak encouraging and loving words over your baby. Yes, this still applies when they aren’t talking!

3. Pray

Pray for your baby, your husband, your family. Lead in humility by praying for yourself! This is particularly powerful on rough days. Let each diaper change act as a time to connect with your child AND with God!

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Momma, you GOT this! Grab a diaper and wipes with a SMILE and get your glow on!