How I Balance Building a Brand + Raising Babies

Hey there you GORGEOUS Momma! I’m super excited to dive into our topic today on all things brand building and baby raising! If you’re like me.. you know that motherhood is NO JOKE. It’s the hardest and most rewarding job in the world (#amiright??)! That being said, how is a girl supposed to take one of the hardest jobs (being a Mom) and marry it with another hard job (building a brand)?

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That’s a REALLY good question and I’m so glad so many of you keep asking me this over on Insta!

I’ve had to adjust my way of life A LOT since becoming a Momma to Brody. Prioritizing my mindset, work smarts, and organization have been KEY to being super successful as an entrepreneur and even more importantly, as a Momma!

Before I share with you my 4 secrets, remember this, if you’re raising a business and babies, you’re doing an AMAZING JOB. It’s so easy for us to compare and contrast our journey, life, business status, and really ALL. THE. THINGS. to other people (especially on social media!)~so hang tight, boo! You focus on YOU and do what you do best… YOU!


How I Balance Building a Brand + Raising Babies

I shift my energy and attention throughout the day.

If you’ve heard the saying that goes something along the lines of: Life is all about balance… my friends, that is a lie! I do believe in balance, however, I believe that we can’t fully balance things well, unless we learn to shift. Here’s what I mean~ If I’m in the kitchen making dinner, feeding Brody, on a conference call, yelling at Alexa to play a different music station, and greeting Brian (my hubby) as he walks through the door at 5:30pm and think I’m “balancing” it all… sister, you are thinking WRONG. You (and I) can’t balance it all. So instead, I want you to start thinking about your days in shifts.

  • Compartmentalize your tasks. Set timers for when you do chores, when you respond to emails, when you cook dinner, when you do anything. When the timer is done, BE DONE. If you’re over the timer idea, you get the point! Focus on doing one thing WELL. If not, you’ll be giving everything your 24% efforts instead of the important things your ALL.

I multi-task the right way.

Contradicting, right? Not so much! You CAN multi-task the right way. The example I gave above with me doing a million things at once not only stresses me out to type that, but it also causes me stress to think about doing those things (and y’all… I was that Mom). So, learn to multi-task the RIGHT way.

  • Look at your day. What tasks can be done together and both STILL receive 100% effort?

    • Examples from my life include: listening to a book on audible while doing chores. Going for a run outside while pushing Brody in my jogger (win win for bonding and fitness!). Making dinner and packing lunches. Feeding Brody and eating dinner with our family. Wearing Brody and walking outside while hosting conference meetings…. You see! When you multi-task the RIGHT way, your efforts are not diminished and things are completed with 100% efforts!

I work hard to create a strong family.

It takes a lot of work to intentionally cultivate strong family dynamics. If you live close to your  family or your in-laws, it is a lot effort on both parties, but you guys… it’s so worth it! For your kids. For you. For the grandparents… really, for everyone! I work really hard to ensure Brody (and our future children) have amazing relationships with their grandparents. I rely and ask for help from my family when I have events from work that come up like speaking or major business deals. And guess what… I feel ZERO Mom guilt. I’m passionate about being a mother and being a business owner…and you should follow your dreams and ambitions all while being a Mother too!

I minimize.

I minimize distractions from the world, notifications, clutter, commitments… all the things the world tells me I need, I run through my “Jenni filter” and if it’s going to add stress, chaos, or over commitment to my schedule, I nix it. I am a true believer in living a simple, minimalistic life and LOVE that we’re able to do so in our tiny little fishing town, just south of Anchorage, Alaska. But girls.. you don’t have to live in the woods like me to live a small, simple life. Whether you’re in the city or way out in the country, look at all the distractions that creep their way into your day and minimize them~I promise, when you do so, the way you handle your day and your daily actions with change significantly!

Alright, my friends! These are my secrets! Tell me, are you ready to ROCK AND ROLL with your business and your kiddos?! You can do both successfully, PROMISE! Tell me in the comments or over on INSTAGRAM your biggest takeaways and what you plan to implement today in going forward!! Excited for you girl! Also, go fill up your favorite mug with coffee or tea, + come join your newfound #momtribe inside the BMAB private Facebook group here!