Build Baby’s Language Skills from BIRTH!

Your baby’s first word is SUCH a BIG, precious moment!!! Did you know that you are helping to form your babe’s language skills as soon as they are born? I know… dying, right?! Here are three simple, easy ways to encourage language development from birth!


Talk, yes TALK, to your baby! More than just baby talk. Yes, you might look a liiiiittle looney as you walk through the grocery store explaining different types of potatoes to your 6 month old, BUT, for a baby, our everyday life is a RICH with opportunity for learning! The world around us is full of wonder through their tiny eyes. Exposure to language is KEY. Narrate throughout your day! For example, narrate as your change diapers, explaining each step. As your baby begins to play, engage with them by sportscasting! “I see you’re holding the red ball. Now you’re holding the blue ball.” Talk as you drive in the car, read books, sing songs, and look at pictures of family. And Y’all…. Who would I be if I didn’t say to TALK to your babe while you’re whipping up healthy meals? Take your babe on the inside of how you ROCK healthy and quick family recipes inside your Abundant Motherhood Club membership! In no time, your littles will be helping you whip up skinny treats in that kitchen!


Once your kiddo starts to make sounds, listen! Pay attention to what they’re trying to say and when they’re trying to say it. Pick up on the context. Listen in as your baby tries new sounds and, eventually, new words, so that you can meet them with encouragement! Make eye contact. Unplug from adulting, to do’s, social media scrolling and take the time to step into your kiddos world.


Ask allll the questions! Respond to your baby’s adorable goo’s and gah’s! Your little love is picking up on your inflection as you converse. Use phrases like, “tell me more!” Keep the conversation flowing!

For even MORE tips + tricks to help your infant or toddler with their speech development, I interviewed Pediatric Speech Pathologist, Ayelet Marinovich! Listen in HERE as she shares her wisdom and knowledge! Once you’re done listening, read 5 Therapist Approved Ways to Monitor + Encourage Your Baby’s Development!

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