How To Create Chores Charts For Kids!

Want in on a little secret? I grew up doing chores. EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. Did my sister and I kick and scream? Yep. Did we put up a fight and tell our parents we would never make our kids do chores? Yep. Did our parents care? Nope. Did we still have to do the chores? Yep. And guess what... we're better today because of it.

Chores. A task that many kiddos fight against but one that can actually be beneficial in MANY areas of growth and development for your little. Whether they see it or not, chores (in moderation) are a must for kids. Here's why:

  1. Chores teach discipline and authoritative respect

  2. Chores teach kids how to develop good work ethics

  3. Chores develop character

  4. Chores teach kids how to care for personal items and the home

  5. Chores teach kids how to organize

  6. Chores allow kids to contribute to the home

  7. Chores can help kids establish a sense of accomplishment

  8. Chores help to develop gross + fine motor skills

  9. Chores can teach team work (with a sibling!)

  10. Chores teach responsibility

Now, it's up to you to decide how chores are implemented at your house. Make it fun, make it fresh, make it a family event! Think of unique ways to present chores to your kiddos. For instance, consider helping them create a "chore chart". My niece, Khloe is so proud of her chart and is able to "check off" each task as they are completed throughout the week.

A few ways to consider making a chore chart include:

  1. Find a chore chart printable online! There are a ton on pinterest and other sites for free!

  2. Use a token system

  3. Create a "to-do" list with an allowance (Financial or non financial. Remember, kids can work for an allowance or you can replace monetary allowance with a movie night, a great book, ice cream, etc)

  4. Keep your chore chart AGE APPROPRIATE

  5. Create a weekly schedule

  6. Decorate the chart + have fun!

Remember, doing chores as a family doesn't have to be a hassle. Pump up the jams and see it as great bonding time! You will remember these moments forever! Now go have fun with your littles and be sure you check in with us and your chore charts using #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby!

We cannot wait to see!

Happy Chore Day!