11 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me

In all honesty, before Brody was born, I was SO that pre-Momma who read ALL. THE. BOOKS. Took ALL. THE. CLASSES…NESTED ALL. THE. TIME.. AND worked full time as an OT practitioner.. so you would think that I have this whole “Mom thing” down from the get go, right??

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Let’s just blame it on the naivety of being a first time Mom!


Today I want to share 11 things that Motherhood has taught me, all of which I truly believe are being used to shape me (and YOU) for the better! If you can relate or have more lessons that motherhood has taught you, let me know! You can post in the comments section below on this blog, OR let me know over on INSTAGRAM!


11 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me

  1. Sleep is a luxury.

  2. Self-Care is more important now than ever before.

  3. A good mental attitude is A CHOICE.

  4. I can’t do it all.


  6. Advice comes from every angle… choose wisely.

  7. The mastery of time and proficiency.

  8. Present OVER Perfect.

  9. Intentionality and marriage is a MUST.

  10. Baby snuggles are EVERYTHING.

  11. Life has a much deeper, richer LOVE.

Sleep is a luxury

From midnight feedings to diaper explosions, sleep is now something I will FOREVER treat as a luxury :). It has been a great lesson in learning how to structure my days to MAXIMIZE nap time and to intentionally enjoy the hours after bedtime. Don’t use the time when your child sleeps to be lazy. If your body needs rest, then rest; but if you’re ready to rock and roll- then get after it! Blossom After Baby ladies, you know we hammer out this principle with our daily calendars and key performance indicators like a BOSS!!

Self-Care is more important now than ever before.

You can’t pour from an empty cup! If you’re constantly giving to your kids, home, and spouse, but neglect to pour into yourself and give your body and mind what it needs, you’ll be drained and exhausted. Learn to prioritize self care like your life depends on it because… it does!

A good mental attitude is A CHOICE.

Motherhood is HARD. And some days are really hard.. like the ugly cry hard. But here’s what I’ve learned about hard days… I (just like YOU) have a choice to determine what my attitude will be. This doesn’t mean I plaster on a fake smile or surface level “I’m fine” response. No. I’ve recognized and honored how I’m feeling BUT I CHOOSE to not have a bad attitude about the situation. I CHOOSE to not explode at my husband when he walks through the door at 5 pm. I CHOOSE to see the blessing, even amidst a chaos day. The CHOICE of a good attitude is yours for the taking. Whatever attitude you choose will determine the energy of your day and night….and ultimately YOUR LIFE. CHOOSE WELL.

I can’t do it all.

Yep. Even as a type A personality, I can’t do it all. I’ve learned to ask for help and have learned that this season is just going to be a little busier and messier and that’s okay. Face it. Embrace it. ACE IT!


As Mommas, we want to make sure everything and everyone is perfect, right? Here’s the thing ladies, it’s never going to be perfect. We will fall short time and time again so learning to show up each day with our best foot forward and being gentle and kind to ourselves just as we would to others is a vital piece to Momma health! Give yourself some grace girl!

Advice comes from every angle… choose wisely.

I am very selective with WHO I take advice from. If you let everone’s opinion dictate how YOU RUN YOUR MOTHERHOOD JOURNEY, you’ll go insane. Be mindful of who you allow advice to come from (I.e trusted friends, mentors, women who you respect and admire) and be polite to those that push their beliefs on you #smileandNod

The mastery of time and proficiency.

Brody has taught me ten fold how to master nap time like a NINJA. Be SO productive in this area that you don’t even remember what life was like WITHOUT naptime. If you’re in the early few months of newborn life, use this time to rest. But girls… if your babe is sleeping through the night or the majority of it, I expect you to get after it! Blossom After Baby Postpartum Mommas– capitalize on your activity trackers and schedules inside your program!

Present OVER Perfect.

Choosing TO BE PRESENT is the best gift you can give your children. You don’t have to be perfect, just fully present when your kids are awake. This book and this study guide are EPIC to help you dive deep into this mindset, mama! Don’t live their life scrolling away online because you (heaven forbid) miss a status update … tough love, I know but y’all know I’m all about that TRUTH.

Intentionality and marriage is a MUST.

Don’t just live under the same roof as your husband. There’s a HUGE difference between living together and intentionally doing life together. Be intentional about cultivating an abundant marriage with your hubby!

Baby snuggles are EVERYTHING.

This season is so sweet and so tiny. Soak up every extra snuggle so some day you can cash in on those baby cuddles when your little is grown. I catch myself holding onto Brody for a few minutes longer each night because I just want to savor every minute. Don’t wish this season away!

Life has a much deeper, richer LOVE.

Having a child has brought the true meaning of life into perspective. What a great honor and responsibility it is for us as Mommas to raise strong + kind children. See your role as a mother as the greatest gift and NOT as a burden. You have been called to be the mother of your children. Parent well.

Mommas, it’s an absolute HONOR to share my story and journey with you. If you learned something today or feel inspired, please click the share button below or take a screen shot and let me know what you think over on INSTAGRAM stories! Sending so much love, you guys. Mean it.

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