11 Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

Hey girlfriend! Earlier this week we shared some dental health tips to help you help your little ones establish good dental habits from an early age. Today we’re detailing what we believe are the top eleven healthy habits that make for healthy kids!

  1. Raise your child to love Jesus. By raising your child to love Christ you not only help them become upstanding, moral citizens you also bring light and love to this dark and sometimes cruel world. Want to dive deeper into this tip? This book is a great starting point!

  2. Start the day with a healthy and hearty breakfast. Need some kid-approved breakfast ideas? Head on over to the recipe page on blossomingmommyandbaby.com!

  3. Get at least 60 minutes of exercise/active playtime everyday!The current recommendation for kids 6 and older is at least one hour of activity each day. The best way to make this a reality for your kiddo? Make an hour of playtime a standard part of their day so they become accustomed to it when they are young. Exercise at this age comes naturally and although your child might enjoy sports or dance they certainly do not have to be involved in a structured activity. Some unstructured exercise ideas are: take a hike, go on a nature walk, race in the backyard and climb on the jungle gym. The possibilities are endless!

  4. Shoot for 5 servings of fruit and vegetables EVERY day. Produce is nutrient-dense which means it’s packed with more nutrients (vitamins + minerals) per calorie than something that is calorie-dense like a cookie. It’s best to get your fruit and veggie servings from whole foods. If your kids tend to turn up their nose at fruits/veggies do not be easily discouraged. It can take up to 10 tries for children to accept a new food. Need some help? Look for a picky eaters tip on Instagram next week!

  5. Swap out the sugar-laden beverages and substitute with water!Water is the best way to quench thirst. So invest in a good water bottle and encourage them to use it!

  6. Prioritize family time. Strong family relationships are SO important. Kids who have a good relationship with their parents are more likely to be well-adjusted, feel loved and understood and want to make a contribution to society. Quality family time comes in so many forms such as going to church together, sharing a meal together, bonding over a silly board game like this one, attending church together, reading a book aloud or engaging in extracurricular activities as a unit.

  7. Ensure they get an adequate amount of unstructured play time. Don’t get us wrong, it is important for kids to be involved in sports and structured activities but they also need the freedom to play by their own rules. Unstructured play allows them to adapt on the fly which builds their sense of self-efficacy and promotes self-esteem!

  8. Wind down with story time instead of screen time. Research agrees that children who watch more tv before bed take longer to fall asleep than their peers who watch less tv or no tv at all. Additionally, the back lighting from TV negatively influences a child’s circadian rhythm which means your child may have trouble going to sleep AND waking up on time. On the other hand, reading to your little one before bed fosters your relationship and the snuggly nature prepares them for sleep.

  9. Brush teeth at least 2x/day. See our last post here for all the details on this!

  10. Acknowledge something they are grateful for. Gratitude helps us embrace the present moment and foster positivity. By encouraging your kids to recognize all they are blessed with you give them a foundation of optimism and appreciation which can be used to combat negative emotions.

  11. Get plenty of rest. Sleep directly impacts a child’s physical, emotional and mental development but an estimated 90% of kids aren’t getting enough sleep. As a parent you can help your child by being consistent about bedtimes, establishing a predictable and enjoyable bedtime routine and creating a cozy sleep environment.

There you have it! 11 simple tips your child can incorporate into every day for a happier and healthier tomorrow! Do you have any tips you think we need to add? Let us know below!