10 Ways to BOOST your confidence!

Confidence, Grace, Humility, Integrity.

Just a few of the quality characteristics you have as a Blossoming woman. 

Today, gals we’re diving deep into the HEART of confidence. Why? When you are confident in yourself, it impacts everyone around you. You are more driven in life and as a person. When you’re confident, your children and your husband notice.

It’s time to step up and step out, Mom.. You ready?


Let’s get to it.

Below you'll find my list of TOP 10 habits for boosting your self-confidence! xx


-Nix the negative: No more negative self-talk, negative surroundings, or negative people. Why? This drains the mood and your energy. Plus, we generally tend to adopt to the characteristics of those around us. Fill your space with LOVE, LIGHT, AND ENCOURAGEMENT. Life’s too short not to.

-Proverbs 31 principality: Read this verse and understand it. Aim to lead and live a  life as a Proverbs 31 woman.

-Lead with humility and grace: There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Living with confidence is being kind, warm, humble, and graceful to yourself, your family, and others.

-Sweat everyday + eat well: Gals, you know this! When you eat well, you feel better. It’s really that simple. Make time for  your exercise, healthy eating, and sleep. It’s absolutely non-negotiable.

-Release the need to be perfect: Perfectionism KILLS. If you are constantly striving to be perfect, you are truly wasting your time, energy, and light. Life will never be perfect, so learn to roll with it, do your best, and the rest will fall into place. PROMISE.

-Practice positive, strong thoughts: The mind is SO powerful, gals. We are what we think. Please be mindful of what you are thinking and saying, as these words will soon come to fruition!

-Get ready: Although it is tempting to stay in yoga pants (no shame here!), I do want you to put yourself together. Take the time to put yourself together! When you feel great, it SHINES!

-Learn to forgive: Holding onto grudges is congestive—- to your health, mental clarity, and relationships. Learn to forgive and move forward. You’ll feel much better and you’ll be showing grace to others.

-Do activities that you enjoy: It is NOT selfish to do things that you enjoy. Take a bath, go get your toes done, put on nice music, light candles, read a cozy book… whatever it is to you.. do something that you enjoy doing every single DAY! It will make you feel alive, babe!

-Body Awareness: Stand tall, smile, put on some extra lipgloss, uncross your arms, and LIVE!

There you have it, babes. My top 10 tips for BOOSTING self confidence and absolutely radiating from the inside, out. This is how we begin to GLOW, gals! I want you to write these tips down and KEEP ME UPDATED on how you’re doing by checking in with #blossomingmommyandbaby and @blossomingmommyandbaby.com