10 Finger Foods for Babies!

Hey sweet Momma! Today we have a fun topic for you and your little…… buckle down, sister because today we will be discussing all things finger foods! In particular, I will be sharing 10 finger food recommendations for your littles. Keep in mind, the exact age your child is “ready” for finger foods depends on his/her developmental skills, head and body control/strength, and unique circumstances. However, for most kiddies, this age frame is typically* between 7-9 months.

Finger Feeding is an exciting time for your growing little to experience and develop not only a plethora of oral motor skills, but also fine motor, hand-eye coordination, AND all things sensory!

Below you will find a list of my top suggested finger foods for your littles. Keep in mind- should your child have any allergies, do NOT give him/her that particular food. Also, before introducing foods, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor about any allergy precautions. In addition, as you scroll through the list below, remember that you want to stay away from foods that could pose a choking hazard AND choose foods that are developmentally appropriate for your child.

10 Finger Foods for Babies!

  1. Blueberries + Bananas! (Cut in half and soft!)

  2. Cooked (soft) Carrots (Cut in cubes! Remember, we want soft carrots, no raw crunchy carrots).

  3. Scrambled Eggs

  4. Roasted (cubed) Sweet Potatoes

  5. Cooked Peas

  6. Ground Meat (Because we live in Alaska… we do moose meat! But for you, this could account for ground turkey meat or ground beef!)

  7. Oat Cereal (Cheerios work great!)

  8. Lentils or Beans (Both need to be cooked!)

  9. Pasta (option of gluten free) (Shaped pasta, not long-i.e. angel hair, linguine, etc).

  10. Toast (option of gluten free) with a thin layer of coconut oil or almond butter, cut into little cubes!

Do you have any favorites for your littles? We have a line of healthy kiddo meals coming soon for you, ladies! Be on the lookout! For now- be sure to jump in to our pregnancy prep academy for more tips and tricks as you prepare for your pregnancy!