Natural Teething Remedy

Hey mama,

Got a tot who is teething?  We've got a special remedy for you that will leave both mama and your sweet babe happy (oh... and not to mention healthy! But what more would you expect ;) )

Ya ready, girl?


Frozen banana pops.

I know. So simple but SO effective.

All you need to do is simply peel and cut a banana in half. Gently slide a popsicle stick through the middle of each end and place in freezer for 1-2 hours. Viola! You've got yourself a cold, soothing teether that will hopefully alleviate some of the achy pain during those teething years!

Now go and get creative mama! Can't wait to see your final creation! Make sure to snap a pic and upload, tagging @blossomingmommyandbaby so we can see!

xx ~Jennifer

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