Blossom After Baby is the secret formula to your BEST life after baby. Blossom After Baby is our carefully and strategically cultivated postnatal program that uses cutting edge nutrition, fitness, homemaking, and spiritual principles to help YOU take charge of your health, happiness, and longevity as a modern, busy Momma. 

As a healthcare professional, I've seen an increasing amount of mothers who are burning the candle at both ends, losing themselves in their motherhood journey AND throwing away basic health and wellness strategies. Unfortunately, far too many Mommas are caving into society's latests fads including quick fixes, extreme dieting, exercise trends, and more. 

As a mother, YOU are the driving force of YOUR home. Your kids and your husband need YOU to be functioning at your best in order to BEST serve them- the most beautiful role that GOD has given you! You cannot do this well if you are obsessing over calories, food in general, over/under exercising, poor mental and body image, chaotic or mis-managed time, NEVER doing anything that you want to do (hello... passions!), neglecting all forms of self-care, and in a never ending toxic cycle that leaves you depleted and defeated day in and day out. 

 Blossom After Baby's GOT YOU GIRL.
IF YOU JUST RAISED YOUR HAND... take a look at the 5 specific principles this program teaches on: 

These 5 principles will help you: 

  • (Body Balance) Learn the ins and outs of honoring your body through healthy workout routines, nurturing your body with good nutrition, and embracing + accepting the new curves God gave you! In this section, you'll learn how to tighten and firm the tummy and other areas of your gorgeous new BOD. Additionally, you'll be learning my top secrets for ROCKING your Mom BODY. 
  • (God Centered Motherhood) Learn to lead from a place of love as a Mother and a wife. Here you'll learn how to keep Christ at the center of your motherhood journey and how to honor HIM while serving your children, husband, and home. 
  • (Self-Care for Busy Moms)Understand how to create and incorporate nourishing routines and rituals for yourself, your family, and your home. From organization to morning and evening rituals, this segment is ALWAYS a fan favorite! Inside you'll learn how to NEVER pour from an empty cup. We'll ensure you are taking time to charge and replenish each and every day. 
  • (Mental Stabilization) Stay away from the ups and downs of the postnatal period. This section will help you discover tools and skills for a stress-less home and a Momma who isn't frazzled, burned out, or constantly YELLING. You'll also learn how to love your body instead of comparing or shaming it. 
  • (Family Cooking + Prepping) Learn how to cook, meal prep, create healthy meals, daily smoothies, and daily nourishment to shed the baby weight while sustaining your best milk supply and a healthy body weight. 

Society today shows an increase in Mommas who are burned out, yo-yo dieting, over or under exercising, neglecting self-care, OVERLY busy, overwhelmed, stress eating, unsure of how or what to cook for the family, constantly obsessing over negative body image, ashamed of the mom bod, losing control over time and schedules, stressed about sustaining a good milk supply, living in isolation, living in a hot-mess + frumpy state of mind, and lacking positive self-esteem and confidence. 

 Please know that I've been there too. I've been the Mom who is overwhelmed, run down, and completely depleted of joy and purpose.  I've been the Mom who doesn't have a routine, dinner ideas, and a messy house. I've been the Mom who didn't want to start back up with fitness, who was overwhelmed with the thought of making smoothies, who was drowning in chaos, and who cried everyday from pure exhaustion. From this, I became determined to find a different path. A path that has been refined and will now serve you in ways you've never imagined; all for the betterment of YOU motherhood journey.

Blossom After Baby Will Help You: 

  1. Clarify and focus your energy + efforts 
  2. Keep you on track and inspired to achieve optimal wellness
  3. Establish a budget to eat and prepare healthy foods 
  4. Create TIME for exercise, indulgent self-care, and healthy cooking even with a BUSY schedule
  5. Get ahold of your daily schedule 
  6. Maintain a healthy weight 
  7. Honor and recognize the beauty of your "MOM BOD" (no more body shaming!) 
  8. Keep God at the center of your Motherhood 
  9. Protect your priorities 
  10. Live the life  you were truly destined to live 

Hundreds of mothers all of the world are using the signature BMAB lifestyle approach and noticing better sleep, healthier meals for themselves and their families, more time to do things she loves, more energy, better skin, more positive and confident attitude, healthier kids, happier homes, less frumpiness, and overall incredible lifestyle transformation that is sustained for years to come! 

The Blossom After Baby program will completely transform the way you feel and how you approach life. You'll understand health and wellness from a deep and unique approach that will leave you craving to do your best and achieve optimal wellness each and everyday. The Blossoming Mommy and Baby way is the BEST postnatal program on the market today and one that will become a part of your family legacy. 

Blossom After Baby is a 5-Part Program that will teach you how to restart your Motherhood journey with true abundance, health, vitality, and passion. INSIDE you'll discover the sacred formula for becoming your healthiest + happiest, confident, and STRONG. (Please note, this program is NOT released until June 2018. Upon purchase, you will be receiving the discounted price but will have no materials until June 2018.)

How Your Blossom After Baby Plan works:
(Effective June 2018)

  1. Purchase Blossom After Baby and immediately receive your downloadable plan and the course training bonuses and material (Effective June 2018)
  2. Join the Blossom After Baby Community Support and 24/7 access Facebook Group
  3. Print off all of your material 
  4. Go to TARGET and get a SUPER CUTE folder to store all of your material in :-) 
  5. Decide and FULLY COMMIT to this new, revolutionary way of living... The Blossoming Mommy + Baby Way
  6. Experience INCREDIBLE RESULTS! In combination of my medical background and personal Momma experience, this program WORKS and will completely help you transform the way you eat, cook, think, parent, workout, organize, and LIVE. 

Who is Blossom After Baby For?

  • You! The busy, overwhelmed Momma who has no idea where to start

  • Committed Moms who want to live healthy, happy, and with less stress

  • The mom who wants to have a strong body + soul

  • The woman who is tired of trying countless fitness and "diet" programs that don't actually work and leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated

  • The woman who wants support, accountability, and a Mom TRIBE around her, cheering her on

  • The woman who wants less stress and more organization with rhythms and routines in her life

  • The mom who wants to DOMINATE meal prep, healthy meals, and to have a healthy, strong body

  • The woman who wants to deepen her walk with Christ while learning to care for herself and her family