Sweet sister, listen up. You are a strong, beautiful woman who deserves to experience life, health, stillness, beauty, and simplicity EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

 It's time to stop battling the mommy exhaustion, overwhelm, and guilt. It's time to put an end to your depletion of joy, purpose, and happiness in motherhood. You DON'T have to live this way any longer. Today, you can reclaim your BLISS by using the signature BLOSSOM formula, inside our exclusive, International service: Grounded + Glowing by  Jennifer Blossom, OTD, OTR. 

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In today's society, there is an increase in maternal isolation, perfectionist pressure, mommy comparison, lack of balance, inadequacy, GUILT, and complete exhaustion.

Momma, do these qualities sound like you? BE HONEST! 

  • You are a BUSY Mom and you cannot find a single minute for yourself.

  • You've lost yourself in the midst of motherhood.

  • You are a talented and gifted woman but you consistently put your needs and desires on the back burner.

  • You have so many roles and commitments to fill each day that you are constantly over scheduled, overbooked, and struggling with time management.

  • You are a wife. A mother. A daughter. A friend. A woman hungry for Christ's love and will for your life. 

  • You neglect taking care of yourself because you're too busy taking care of everyone else. 

  • Your cup is ALWAYS on low. 

  • You're full of guilt.

  • You're never really PRESENT with your children, friends, spouse, or self. 

  • You're not confident in your ability to make the right choices for yourself or children. 

  • You don't feel "good enough." 

  • You're easily frustrated, stressed, and become UNGLUED on the regular. 

  • You're tired of yo-yo living, dieting, unhappiness, poor sleep, and chronic anxiety and depression.  

Sound a little familiar? If so, sister friend... you are NOT alone. 

I've been there. In fact, I let myself GO, SO FAR, that I was in and out of hospitals, doctor offices, and seeing multiple specialists because of my poor lifestyle habits. I was running on empty. Racing through life. Neglecting quality nutrition. Neglecting exercise to honor (but rather abuse) my body. Neglecting "me time" and self-care. Neglecting stillness. Neglecting intimate time with God. Sweet girl, I was on the hamster wheel of society. I fell for it. The pressures. The stress. The comparison. The game. To my expense, it cost me my health, friendships, relationships, and sanity. By God's grace, I am here today to tell you that it is POSSIBLE to overcome. To release old habits. To move through trials. To overcome and master simple, beautiful, refreshing, and GLOWING lifestyle practices. And that, my friends is why I created Grounded + Glowing. 

I'm READY to DITCH the overwhelm.

Learn the tools INSIDE!

Grounded and Glowing is a 30-Day LIVE, interactive program that helps women get UNSTUCK in motherhood. 

The 30-Day Online Program teaches women how to break free from past habits and fully awaken to the woman God has called her to be using the signature Blossom Formula. Inside our International G+G Program, we service women who are overwhelmed, rundown, exhausted, and depleted of joy, purpose, and passion for motherhood (and life). We take each client down a nourishing path, gently ridding past patterns of what’s no longer working with our breakthrough lessons centered on balance, clarity, purpose, and, of course, health and wellness. 

Blossoming Mommy and Baby’s Grounded + Glowing Curriculum gently reboots the lifestyle of each woman enrolled in our program from the inside, out. Inside the program, you’ll learn how to heal relationships, eating habits, negative self-talk and insecurities, and feelings of jealousy, anger, and bitterness. You’ll be shown how to establish a strong sense of time management, radical self-care, life purpose in God’s will for your life, the ability to create space to focus on your heart’s greatest desires, and to find passion in motherhood.


As a Grounded + Glowing Client, Your Goals, Dreams, and Desires are Our Heart's Mission. Therefore, upon G+G Graduation, you will have experienced and learned: 

  • How to transform disappointment, sadness, grief, and anxiety into healthy, healing, and powerful energy.

  • Humility, grace, gratitude, calmness, and patience through the chaos that motherhood (and life!) throws at us.

  • How to break free from unhealthy and damaging relationships with: food, exercise, self-talk, others (family, friends, peers, colleagues, and more).

  • How to rid your life of anxiety and fear.

  • How to recognize panic and overwhelm + what to do instead. 

  • How to love yourself and others the way God intended.

  • How to design your home and environment for optimal calmness, health, and vitality.

  • How to recognize blocks and how to overcome them in order to allow for behavior change and positive energy.

  • How to implement Blossoming Mommy and Baby's all natural solutions into YOUR lifestyle.

  • How to have unshakable faith in Christ.

  • How to awaken to the woman God has called you to be and NOT just go through the everyday motions of life.

  • How to effectively exercise for optimal weigh management.

  • How to be intuitive with cooking and how to nourish your body through food, exercise, and prayer.

  • Healthy lifestyle tricks, and must-do’s for being an effective, savvy, and informed Momma.

Read about Taylor's Grounded & Glowing Experience:

"Motherhood is a beautiful world full of unexpected chaos, chaos that is easy to get lost in. I found that I started to lose myself in the daily duties I truly love so much. I became somewhat of a robot and slowly I felt less and less motivated, I was less passionate and I was overwhelmed. Daily tasks became mundane... my motherhood was being stripped from me and I wasn't even aware. The week before I started Grounds and Glowing my sweet husband pulled me aside and asked me the simple question "What do you like to do for yourself? Who are you except mom?" And I couldn't answer that question.
    Fast forward to today, I truly feel grounded and GLOWING in motherhood. I love my children and I love serving my family and I needed a reboot to find myself where I was lost. I came to realize that I wasn't taking care of myself, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. I needed more Jesus, I needed more me time, and all of this HELPS my family where before I thought it would harm them. Taking time for me felt selfish, and now I host a women's group at church, I joined a gym, and I actually make my day purposeful and thank goodness. Because my children have their mommy back. And we needed that. I needed that."-Taylor P.

Say YES to your next chapter.


Our simple question for you is this, what would happen if you broke free from your past or current habits and lifestyle? What would you want to accomplish in this lifetime? What legacy would you want to leave? How do you want to feel- emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally? How do you want your kids to feel when they are around you? I know how frustrating it can be to be stuck in life. I am here to tell you that you don't have to be stuck forever. I've come out on the other side as a woman who is better, stronger, and equipped to teach you because of it. I truly believe God brought me through some of my toughest seasons to be a light for you, sweet sister. I've helped hundreds of women around the world and would love to guide you on your life-changing journey by using the signature BLOSSOM formula. The women I've worked with have experienced radical life transformation, freedom, and new beginnings. These women are just like you.They're busy, tired, burned out, on a budget, confused, and READY for SOMETHING to change.  That is until they committed to Grounded + Glowing and never looked back. 3

Now it's YOUR TURN. 

Grounded and Glowing is ONLY launched four times a year because of our intimate connection with each individual client. I hold your hand the entire way and invite you in to explore amazing connection with other women around the world eager to change and commit to a happier, healthier, less frazzled way of living. Grounded + Glowing registration is filling quickly. 

Our next class opens September 2017. You do NOT want to miss out!

by Jennifer Blossom

Heal Your Past, Transform Your Future

Happiness, Harmony, + Health AWAITS!

Grounded + Glowing
 Signature 30-Day Maternal Lifestyle Program 
Using the Signature Blossom Formula

Stop the stress. Stop the frazzle. Stop the anxiety and depression. Stop the overwhelm. Stop the unhappiness. 

You long for balance. For Clarity. For a beautiful blend of positive feminine energy and intuition. But instead.... You are STUCK, out of touch with yourself, and struggling to be present (and perfect). Sweet Momma, enough with the world's chaotic agenda. You don't have to be burned out, exhausted, struck with mommy guilt, or ridden with fear. Here, at Grounded + Glowing, I teach you my EXACT blueprint using the Blossom Formula for getting UNSTUCK in motherhood as you learn to get grounded in God's purpose and glowing with absolute gratitude and self-awareness. We'll be together for 30 Days in an intimate group and 1:1 setting. You'll learn how to make wise and Godly choices for your health and for your family. You'll be in-tune with your calmness, energy, and peace. You'll learn how to prioritize, rid loneliness, develop a tribe of loving and supportive women to do life with, and you will completely heal your life by creating space for mind, body, and soul transformation. 

Below you will find our 30 day course curriculum and module breakdown; specifically designed to lay the building blocks for a life free from overwhelm, exhaustion, guilt, sadness, disappointment, anger, depression, and anxiety.

by Jennifer Blossom

Before you get started... here are the details! 

Below you'll find the lesson breakdown (2 modules per week!).

  • Grounded & Glowing PREP! 
    • During this module, I teach you how to prepare for G+G- what you will need, how to succeed, how to prepare, and how to navigate the course. 
  • Module 1: Break Free + Awaken 
    • At the end of this week, you’ll learn: 

      1. How To Overcome Negative Thinking  and Fear for Good 
      2. How To Eliminate Toxic Living 
      3. How To Discover Your Ultimate Purpose and True Calling in Life 
      4. How To be More Joyful and Happy as a Woman 
      5. How To Turn Ordinary Living into an Extraordinary Life 
  • Module 2: Learn To Love Again 
    • At the end of this week, you’ll learn: 

      1. How To Transform Disappointment + Anger into LOVE 
      2. The Art of Forgiveness 
      3. The Trap of Score Keeping + Perfectionist Pressure 
      4. How To Identify + Overcome Common Blocks 
      5. Gratitude Reboot
  • Module 3: Overcome + Rebuild 
    • At the end of this week, you’ll learn: 

      1. How To Define Major Life Obstacles 
      2. What Defines You? Your Past or Your Present? 
      3. The Impact of: Body Image, Confidence, + Mental Health and YOUR HEALING PROCESS 
      4. Your Foundation + Your Priorities
  • Module: Strength + Support 
    1. At the end of this week, you’ll learn: 

      1. What it Means to be a Strong Woman 
      2. Why Most Women Today are Unable to Sustain Strength + Grace (and how to avoid this trap) 
      3. How it All Links Back to Simple, Nourishing Body, Mind, Soul Practices 
      4. What You Really Have to Offer This World
  • Module 5: Stability + Security 
    • At the end of this week, you’ll learn: 

      1. How Stability is Built Correctly 
      2. Types of Stability + The Impact on Your Health  
      3. To say NO 
      4. How to Balance Being a Mother, Wife, and Woman of Radical Beauty + Love 
  • Module 6: Overwhelm + Mastery 
    • At the end of this week, you’ll learn: 

      1. How To MASTER Being a Housewife, Mother, and Friend 
      2. How to Avoid Burnout and Complete Exhaustion 
      3. The Secret of PLAY 
      4. How To Overcome the Unconscious Trap of Perfectionism (for GOOD) 
  • Module 7: Making Space For Your Transformation 
    • At the end of this week, you’ll learn: 

      1. How To Define WHAT Drives You {Your WHY!} 
      2. How To Clear Out Clutter from the Past and Make Gorgeous Space for the Future 
      3. Tips and Tricks for Sustaining This Space (and new lifestyle!) 
      4. What To Do When Setbacks Come 

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Here's What You Get When You Order TODAY!
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  • *BONUS: 7 Exclusive Blossoming Mommy and Baby Recipes*

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  • Courtney W.
    Grounded & Glowing has been absolutely life changing! As a new mom, I quickly began to feel overwhelmed with the guilt and anxiety that accompanied my new role in life. I loved taking care of my baby but the weight of this new responsibility was extremely heavy and led to constant stress and anxiety attacks. Jenni's Grounded & Glowing teachings opened my eyes to different strategies and techniques for releasing that stress, letting go of my anxiety, and truly embracing my new purpose and calling as a mother. I have never felt more confident in my ability to care for my family in such an impacting and positive way. Jenni not only taught me so much but she has also personally prayed over me and my specific transformation and journey. Her heart for mothers is unparalleled in our society and she is truly a blessing to the maternal health field. I am forever grateful for this amazing program and the personal change it has influenced in my life and the impact that will have on my family. -Courtney W.
    Courtney W.
  • I've had fibromyalgia for 20+ years. When things are good they're good but when there's a flare, the pain can be excruciating. It's hard to sleep, it's hard to move, life is just hard & I never know how long a flare will last or often times what has even triggered it. I've been dealing with a flare for over 3 years. The medicationss I've been taking were becoming ineffective & changing my meds was concerning to me given the various side effects. I'm busy, my family is my world & taking anything that could slow me down or prevent my being fully engaged with my family was not a step I wanted to take. I needed options. Although the entire Ground & Glowing program is fantastic & helped me in numerous ways, the grounding part has been life changing. Because of my disease getting up in the mornings & going to sleep at night can be incredibly difficult because my body hurts so badly. By learning how to be more self-aware & 'ground' myself by focusing on my breathing & relaxing, I'm better able to release tension & hurt less. By giving myself 10 or 15 minutes in the morning to ground myself as I listen to the mantra, meditate on the quote & scriptures & spend sometime in prayer, I can start my day with less pain & a positive perspective in regards to the pain I have. At night I'm able lay in bed & ground myself so that I can relax & get into a deeper sleep faster without taking sleep meds & if I wake up I'm able, more often than not, to get back to sleep. I don't want Grounded & Glowing up sound like a fix all, it isn't, but it has changed my life. This program has taught me techniques that have changed how I handle & react to stress, changing how my body reacts allowing my current meds to work more effectively & allowing me more days with less (and on occasion, even no) pain despite my current flare. Which is a blessing for me & my family. I can't thank you enough. -Angela S.
  • Before going through Grounded + Glowing, I would’ve never expected the transformation that would occur in my life as a wife, mother and believer. I have spent a lot of time striving for perfection, living in a world of comparison and, as a result, feeling ungrateful in the present moment. Jenni’s teachings through Grounded + Glowing not only opened my eyes to the areas of my life that need renewal, it gave me actionable steps to come out of them victoriously. I am walking away more empowered than I have ever been before. I don’t have to be perfect. My path is no one else’s. Instead of putting all my energy into steering the ship, I need to step back and trust God to lead the way. I am so excited for every woman that will have the opportunity to experience this program and walk away better than they were before. -Kelsi B.
  • "Through Grounded + Glowing, I teach each and every woman how to heal relationships, eating habits, negative self-talk, insecurities, feelings of jealousy, anger, bitterness, and much, much more. Together, bonded with women all over the world, you will learn how to master these beautiful skills while tuning into God’s will for your life. It’s time for YOU to create space for your gorgeous transformation. Tune into your heart’s greatest desires and passions. It’s time for us to get BUSY, girlfriend!” - Jennifer Blossom, OTD, OTR, Creator of G+G
  • "Before Grounded + Glowing, I was striving for perfection and feeling very ungrateful for what I had right in front of me. I felt like I was always yelling at my kids and not spending enough time with my husband because I wanted to get ahead with work in my business. I never expected to go through a transformation while learning about each principle. Even as a woman who doesn't practice Christianity, I found that Jenni picked the perfect scriptures, principles and quotes for this program and they were easy to implement into my daily routine. While listening to Jenni, I heard her talk about de-stressing because it just lead to more stress. That's when the light bulb went off. Why was I yelling at my kids? Because I was stressed out because had so much on my plate because I wanted to concur everything. After Grounded + Glowing, I started taking an extra second to be grateful for the present and handling what needed to be done now and what can wait till later. I have since noticed such a calmer feel in our house and everyone is having their needs meet! Jenni has put together such a great program and I am excited to be able to share it with other women who are looking to just get unstuck in their life." -Jessica Z.
  • Jenna C.
    "Before I started the Grounded & Glowing program with Blossoming Mommy and Baby I was completely lost. I was frustrated, depressed, and didn’t know how to process and control my severe anxiety. My anxiety controlled my life and started to make an impact on my physical health along with my mental health. My anxiety also was taking a toll on my closest relationships, it was making me feel absolutely crazy and I just felt as if I could escape my own mind. I got to the point that I KNEW I had to do something because I didn’t want to let anxiety and anger control my life, but I wanted to control it. So, I had been connected with Jenni for about 4 years now through Beachbody & then staying in contact through Blossoming Mommy and Baby. I had seen the G+G program sign ups time & time again and knew in my heart I NEEDED to join so I took a leap of faith! Through the program I was able to learn how to tackle my anxiety and how to play an active role in creating the environment I surround myself with. I also learned what kind of woman I want to be and how to take initiative to create the life I want to live. I learned that no matter what society is telling me to be, or how to act etc., I am my own, unique person and need to love myself for who I AM. The program taught me how to be a strong, kind, woman of God. G+G has really changed my life, it gave me a place to escape to for hope, a reality check, and that I'm not alone in all these emotions and trials of being a woman in today's society. I can't describe the peace the program has brought me, even with the craziness of family problems, working, and doing 18 credits in school, I feel like I can handle it because I'm stronger now. I have a better grasp on my anxiety and what kind of woman I want to be. Grounded + Glowing transformed me into a better version of myself & gave me my life back. I’m excited to see what the future holds!" -Jenna C.
    Jenna C.
  • "I was reluctant to share at first, because I am so private about my past struggles with image and disorders. My experience with the class allowed me to look inside myself and identify the root of my struggles with identity in Christ. It is a daily process and a continuing growth journey, and I look forward to continuing to get to know this community of women and share in a beautiful model of vulnerability and support." -Kaleigh O.
    Kaleigh O.
  • Sarah G.
    "Before I started G&G, I was scared of making any sort of change or rocking the boat in my life. I was fearful of the future and the unknown. Jenni has helped me to feel brave again. I'm steadier in my faith and have a renewed sense of purpose and of confidence in myself! I have some new amazing tools that I can use when anxiety and worry sneak up and know that I can handle what comes. I am so grateful for Grounded & Glowing and for Jenni and her team that put together this amazing program that helped me get my feet back on the ground." -Sarah G.
    Sarah G.
  • "Honestly, I was feeling like I was a little lost puppy wandering around in my daily life with no clear direction or intention. Grounded and Glowing gave me clarity and confidence to work toward a greater life for myself and my family. The most valuable takeaway from this program is the importance of taking care of myself so I can give my family the best of me. Thank you G & G!" -Jenni A.
    Jenni A.
  • Mackenzie H.
    "Grounded and Glowing has completely changed how I live my life everyday. I have a new perspective in how I live my life out and have become closer with God during the process. I feel more in control now than ever before and have a new sense of confidence. My anxiety and negative self talk are under control and am equipped with the tools necessary to keep them that way. I've also been able to adapt to a healthier lifestyle that has changed my energy levels too! This program is real! There is NO fluff! Just constant love, support, and REAL advice. You CAN'T pass this up! Jenni- Thank you again so much! You are SUCH a role model for me in so many ways and I am eternally grateful for not only the support and advice during Grounded and Glowing, but also for everything else in Blossoming Mommy and Baby." -Mackenzie H.
    Mackenzie H.
  • Marisa A.
    "Before Grounded+Glowing I thought I'd go through life being a constant worrier and filled with anxiety. But with this amazing program I've learned not only how to not worry but how to overcome and control it. I've learned how to lean on God more than I did before and the importance of that relationship with Him. I've learned how important it is to keep that relationship with God growing daily. How every day it is important to make time with God and yourself, whether that is in silence, prayer, or taking a nice walk outside. I've learned how to "ground" myself with tips and tricks , especially when worry and anxiety starts. I've learned the importance of allowing change to happen and to not fear it, but embrace it. I've learned how important it is to be self aware and be present in each moment of my life. I've learned the importance of having supportive people around me and eliminating toxic people from my life. The power of "no" is a huge lesson I've learned. Lastly, I've leaned that my life is in MY hands. No one else can control MY life but ME and God. I have all the power and control I need to be grounded and to glow like a bright light in this dark world. I do not think I could have gotten this strong without this program or the wonderful women who took this journey with me. I'm beyond thankful for Jennifer and her knowledge she has shared in this program. I'm excited for the future, because I know no matter what, it will be a bright one." -Marisa A.
    Marisa A.
  • Christina B.
    "When I started the Grounded and Glowing journey, I was very stressed, sad, lonely, and emotionally unstable. I am a stay at home mom to two kids. My husband works long, crazy hours and I had let myself get down. I felt that I was not a good enough mother and wife. I felt like all of my house chores were always on the backburner. I felt like I didn't spend enough quality time with my kids and husband. When I started the class, I had never done anything like that before and was hesitant to spend the money. After watching Jennifer's videos and listening to podcasts, I realized how I should feel. She always sounded so happy and looked fabulous! I wondered why I couldn't feel that way. During the class, I learned how things around me were affecting me negatively. One big stressor for me was my unorganized house. I began a mission to declutter and decorate my home so that I felt good in it. I never realized how much my surroundings were affecting my mood. I also learned to organize my schedule. With the scheduling tactics I was taught, I was able to feel more in control of my life instead of everything controlling me. I learned to recognize when negative energy was overwhelming me and to turn it around. I made a vow to start a devotional and become closer to God. Throughout the class, Jennifer was always very caring and understood exactly where we were coming from. Before, I was not eating healthy and taking care of myself like I should. It was really stressed in the class how important it is to take care of yourself; spiritually, emotionally, physically. I have learned to be more present with my kids and husband and not worry about little things. My mindset has totally changed and I feel much more confident in my purpose. Anytime I start to stray away from my "new" mindset, I will go back to my notebook from the class or watch a video again. It truly is a wonderful experience that I recommend to any mother, wife, or just any woman who is dealing with stress, anxiety, or needing to become closer to God." -Christina B
    Christina B.

Awaken To God's Purpose.

Find Lasting Joy in Motherhood!

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